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I was told by a medical friend of mine that your metabolism definitely increases prior to your period. I know that I completely pig out before my period. Now I don't stress about it that much with the increased metabolism info. Boy, I really hope that is actually the case.
Yup, I put an anti vax bumper sticker on my car! It is the think twice.com bumper sticker. It felt really good to do it and I hope I am making a someone actually think twice about vaccinations. So far, I have not received any negative reactions-horns, middle fingers, comments from friends, etc. I think it helps that I live in a pretty progressive and advocacy minded state though. I have to say that I'm not sure I'd have done this in Pennsylvania-where I used to...
My dd had beautiful long thin hair. I started cutting it today bc I was sick of the rats nest that would develop after one nights of sleep. Well, now she is at the barber hopefully getting my hack job fixed. You now how it, cut one side short, try to get the other side to match, and then you are sliding down this slippery slope of unmatching, increasingly shorter hair. What have I done. That is the last time I ever attempt to do that again.
Has he been tested for dyslexia? Also, he should be eligible for support services in school. Does he have an IEP in place? His parent's or it might be grandparents will have to request, in writing, that he needs to be evaluated for spec. ed services to get the ball rolling in school. Legally, the school will HAVE TO respond by starting the evaluation process for services. Special education rules in school systems are a federally mandated law. I just can't remember...
Hi all, We have the opportunity to travel to Spain this summer with my dd's parents-and they are footing the bill . However, we do not vax in our family. My dh's family would have a fit if they knew that we did not vax our dd. Personally, I feel it is none of their business and I have researched this issue so much that I feel like I can debate with the best of em. But, anyway, when going to Europe will we have to show an immunization record for our dd? In Vermont...
Not sure where you live, but in Vermont they do not ask about vaccinations on the Medicaid applications. Have you received your application and looked over it? I doubt that there is a spot for immunizations. It really is none of their business IMO.
Something else I had read somewhere came to me recently as I was reading these posts....Parents are responsible for what, where, and when a child eats, but not how much. All you can do is respect that little one when she is with you and try to model some good eating habits when her parents are around. Best of luck. Sounds like a tough situation.
Oh, how sad. I would NEVER force my child to eat. My dd is about 21 months. Some days she eats more than I do-it amazes me and other days I swear she lives on just hugs and kisses. I totally respect my child when she says "no" or "done". Sounds like this mom is setting this child up for some eating problems later on. Respect this little ones wishes. She knows when she wants to eat or not eat and how full she is.
I feel like I have been heading down a slippery slope which I can't seem to find any purchase, kwim? It has been almost 22 months since my dd was born and with each progressing day I have been feeling more down. I am to a point where I am finding no joy in my dd, marriage, friends, excersise, outdoors, oh I could go on with my list. Basically I feel empty. So, here is my question, I am still breastfeeding and have read that most antidepressants are ok to take. Are...
Thanks for those other book recommendations. I think I am going to start "Angels & Demons" next. I love reading! It's nice to start doing it again. Now instead of my dd keeping me up good storytelling is keeping me up:LOL
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