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we do all the time. Granted we live in the middle of no where in Vermont and no other cars come down our driveway. ALso, I always either stay with her or sit on our porch right above the car and check on her all the time. Also, I would never leave her asleep in the car if it were the least bit hot out.
ok I may get flamed here but I do think that there are people who should not have children. Please let me explain, I have worked in the field of Brain Injury for more years than I can count. I have also worked with folks with disabilities and mental health issues. There truly are people who appear to function quite well, and believe me some people can't even tell they have a brain injury, but in reality they can't remember to turn off the stove when they cook, take...
could it just be a viral rash? My dd had something very similar. After a couple of days it just disappeared. We just watched her closely. We did call our pediatrician and she said the same thing, viral. hth.
Hello all, I am sick again and really getting tired of it. It just seems that since I have had my dd (May 2002) I have never felt the same. We are still nursing and she is still really needing that. I try to excersise atleast daily and feel that I eat pretty well. I just seems that I'll have these great days and then whammo....I am sick with strep or something else. I have to say that during a typical month I feel pretty crappy and lethargic most of the time. We...
you might also check out Garnet Hill. I think they are garnethill.com
I have to agree with using Title 9 sports to find a bra. I know someone who uses the frog bra and she would not excercise without it. They are really nice on the phone and can provide great customer support to help you out in finding one taht works.
hi there, dd is just over 1 and is about 31 inches tall. She weighs in at about 28 lbs. she is really tall, but so are we. Her dad clocks in at over 6'6. She is also walking up a storm. She's the best exercise in the world right now!!
Hi there, Just wondering how much flax oil my dd should get daily. I have heard this is a great supplement to start giving to children after age one. Have you all heard the same? Also, how do you give it to your children. thanks!
My dh has terrible cracked and peeling hands and feet. The only thing that works for him is to use pure lanolin....he has been using my lansinoh since I started breastfeeding and loves it
My Dr. also noticed a lump at my annual. She said it was most likely a cyst that developed bc I was nursing. So, just to be sure I had a mammo done. That mammogram came back with negative results then I had to have a biopsy done. In the end, it turned out to be a nursing cyst that had ruptured and that was why it looked like a mass. I went through a lot of worrying and some not fun procedures. But in the end I would do it all again. Even though the chances are...
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