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If casual is OK, try Birkenstock-style sandals. I lived in them for the last couple of months each time. I liked being able to adjust the buckles as my feet got larger.
As far as becoming a midwife, the laws here are very midwifery un-friendly, sadly. CPMs are illegal, though threre is a push going on to change that. Best case scenario at this point is a licensing bill for the CPMs in 2011. Also, this is one of the few states left where CNMs are still under physician supervision and can't practice without a friendly doctor. Again, legislation to change that is in the works. That doesn't mean there are no midwives, just that the...
First, a very basic question: do you plan to return to Germany after your midwifery education? I ask because you will not be able to obtain a student visa unless you intend to leave the US after your education is done. Then, once you get home, you will have to prove that your education is equivalent to the German education to be able to work as a midwife there. Feel free to send me a private message if you want through the messaging system on this website. Auch auf...
Don't worry, others are on the same journey. I have a law degree. I work for a computer company on contracts. Right now I'm working and in an evening/weekend nursing program. By the time I get to midwifery school, I'll be 40... It's all good, age doesn't matter much if it is the path for you!
Yes, I agree that the CNM route is longer overall, unless you already have some college credits in prerequisite courses or a prior degree. For information on an associates degree in nursing, try Asheville-Buncombe Technical Community College. You can bridge to a master's degree at East Carolina University or Frontier. Be sure to check the individual midwifery schools' requirements, because some require prerequisites that your college may not have included in their...
I'm a long way from actually being a midwife, but I'm on the CNM path and ultimately desire to serve homebirthing families. You can start with an associate's degree in nursing, and there are several midwifery schools where you can then "bridge" after working for a year as an RN without having a bachelor's in nursing. Be forewarned that if you choose this route, there are enough pre-requisite courses that you will need 1-2 years just to complete them, depending on whether...
Hi, Try this page for a list of online shops in Switzerland that may have woven wraps: http://www.zugeknotet.ch/index.php?o...&id=6&Itemid=5 Hope this helps.
Thanks for your reply, DSA is on the list for sure. If anyone has middle schoolers and has reviews, that would be great!
Hi, I'm looking for recommendations for middle schools in Durham. My daughter is at Central Park right now, and we're looking for a good fit for next year. Private schools aren't possible with our budget. Thanks for any suggestions.
There is a midwife in Tennessee who serves the Asheville area. She has gotten good reviews in some past threads here at MDC. Tri-State Homebirth Service 805 Quail Ridge Ct Elizabethton, TN 37643 (423) 543-1681 DeEtte K. Nicholson CNM
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