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I have a friend whose third son is named after her husband. Not odd at all.
Well, I was going to suggest baking soda, but I see you don't want to use that. Two of my kids swim many hours per week and baking soda works wonders at removing the chlorine from their hair. They mix it in with their shampoo, but I assume it would work on its own also.
When we added our 16 year old (he's 18 now) to our policy, it doubled our rate. It would have nearly tripled if he hadn't qualified for the good student discount. We use State Farm.
I am a sub also! The first thing I would try is enthusiastically praising those kids that are working independently. That might give him the message. If not, maybe try pointing out to him how the other kids are working at their desk and assure him that you know he can do it too, while giving him a bit of a cool reception (not mean, just not too warm/fuzzy) when he comes to you too much. It would be great if you can catch him working at his desk and give him the same...
How about "Cherished" to show what she means to you?
We know a few young boys named Declan...they usually need to help folks with pronunciation at first but then it is fine. I haven't heard them being teased about it at all. I really like the name!
My oldest is 17...one more year in high school and then he will be off to college. One minute I am dreading his leaving, the next minute I am so excited for him that I can hardly stand it.
This is a very timely thread for me. I just spent 2 hours on Monday in an orthodontist's office getting molds, xrays, etc. of my youngest 2 kids' teeth. They are 14 and 10. DH and I are to go back in two weeks to hear their recommendations and costs. Our oldest ds is now 17 and he did have braces a few years ago and now wears a retainer at night. His teeth looked beautiful but his dentist alerted us that his bite was off and causing wear and damage to some teeth so we...
I love to garden, the whole neighborhood comes by to see my gardens. I have a very colorful yard. I mostly have perennials but I do scatter cosmo seeds every spring as a filler in my perennial beds and they are such an easy, beautiful, fun addition. I literally scatter them, don't even bother covering them. I use both the shorter and taller varieties and intermix them. Can't get much easier than that!
We LOVE that movie around here! Whenever anyone says "I mean it" around any member of my family, we have to answer with "Anybody wanna peanut?" We just can't help ourselves. Most times the other person has no idea why we are laughing hysterically and talking about peanuts
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