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My oldest ds (will be 17 in a few weeks) has just been through an entire year of girls' "sweet 16" parties. Around here, they are huge affairs. You must present your invitation to the bouncer at the door (who will also check you for any liquor before letting you enter) or you are not allowed in - too many party crashers, I guess. If you lose your invite, you might as well stay home! You are not allowed to re-enter once you leave (again, to prevent any drinking or drug...
Yep, my guys have always had chores. They are not paid for these...just part of being a member of a family - everyone helps! We have never had an issue with this, probably because they have always "helped" since old enough to assist with any household job.
The last step in our daily kitchen clean-up is to microwave the wet sponge for 2 minutes - it never gets stinky that way!
We have a Kenmore Elite and love it. Extremely quiet, very nice looking (stainless) and cleans very well. We were looking at Bosch also but it ends up that the Kenmore Elite line is made by Bosch, they just put the Kenmore Elite name on it. The guy that installed it (private contractor - not who I bought it from) congratulated us on our wise choice. He said that all he ever gets to do is install them, because they are so well-made that they rarely need repair. Just...
I'm not a coffee drinker, so no help there. But, we do have the most fabulous flannel sheets! Northern Nights Super Chunky flannel sheets (I bought them from QVC) are much thicker and warmer than any I have every used. They seem to only get better with each washing - so soft and snuggly! They go on every bed in the house as soon as the furnace kicks in.
One of my guys had this happen...we called him "sharky" for a while since he resembled a shark with their rows of teeth. His baby teeth never got loose on their own so our pediatric dentist ended up pulling 6 of them and the new permanent teeth just magically moved up into their correct place within a short time. The pulling was completely non-traumatic and painless. The baby teeth still had long, strong roots when pulled, so they were not likely to have come out on...
I was just at Trader Joe's this morning and happened to see their lavender sachets for the dryer. I was very tempted, but resisted the urge to buy them. I came here to do a search to see if any of you had experience with them and found this thread first. Sounds like they're good, huh?
Rolled up newspaper works great for stuffing trash bag creations. We've made spiders, pumpkins, mummies, ghosts.
I ALWAYS pay school fees, no matter how small, with checks. A few times it has happened that I have been notified that I had not paid for something and I was able to quickly produce a copy of the cancelled check. Actually, the high school and middle school here will not accept cash at all so that if there is any question of non-payment the parent has the burden of submitting the cancelled check or just paying again.
My mom had my dress professionally cleaned, preserved and packed right after my wedding (21 years ago) and it was at her house until about a year ago when she finally got tired of storing it and delivered it to me. It now lives in my basement. Don't know what I'll ever do with it...I have 3 sons so no daughter to keep it for just in case. I'm sure it will just remain where it is until I die and some daughter-in-law pitches it!
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