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Quote: Originally Posted by mirlee There have been many threads on this. DO NOT POP THEM!!! DO NOT FREEZE THEM! I say this because our dermatologist said this is not the correct course of action. I realize that others have had different experiences. Find a good pediatric dermatologist. Our son had these and we insisted on the dermatology recommendation. Extract of Blister Beetle was used. It is painful. It will cause some blisters on the skin....
My ds is a competitive swimmer, so he is in pools an average of 8-12 hours per week! (More in the summer when he is also swimming just for fun). I guess it's amazing that he made it to the ripe old age of 9 before getting it!
4 months after having the dermatologist freeze them off, ds is still absolutely free of any sign of MC. They disappeared, pain-free, no scarring, nothing. I am so glad we took that route.
I have heard that they do need to be ground to get potential benefits. I have a coffee grinder that I use to grind mine up before adding to my morning smoothie each day.
I was in your position when pregnant with #3. We had friends with cp, and I wanted to expose the older 2 to it while I had the chance (everyone around here vaxes!). I called my OB first and he said that as long as I had already had cp, it was no problem at all. My older two kids did end up with cp and it caused no problems at all with the pregnancy. Good Luck!
I have LOVED Rescue Me from the very beginning! My whole family knows that Mom has to be home by 10 pm on Wednesdays to get her Rescue Me fix! I honestly think it is the best thing on tv!
I've done progressive dinners a few times. They are lots of fun! We include 6 couples...one does appetizers, one does entree, and one does dessert. The 3 couples that don't host a course the first time do it a few months later for the other 3. We don't get too fancy, but nice enough to feel special. The key is to be well-prepped ahead of time so all you have to do is the finishing touches on your course while your guests enjoy cocktails once you all arrive at your...
The book "What is God?" Does cover many different religions and everyone's right to find their own truth, but it also does a really good job of putting the idea out there that "God" doesn't have to be what someone else tells you. "Maybe God is what you feel when you stand on a very high mountain and see a big beautiful view all around you." It talks about how God is nature, how we're all connected...everyone and everything on earth. God is more a feeling of...
I HIGHLY recommend the book "What is God?" by Etan Bortizer and Robbie Marantz. I first bought this book when my oldest was around the age of your child. I read it to him and it was a great starting off point for many wonderful discussions about God, religion, differing beliefs, tolerance, etc. Each of my kids has fond memories (as do dh and I) of reading this book together and having great talks during and after while snuggling on the bed. Now that my kids are all...
I am sorry your anniversary isn't such a happy day this year. Today is my anniversary also. Try to concentrate on the good things you've built together and have faith that next year will be better.
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