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I Would Die 4 U, with When Doves Cry a close second. Love Prince!:
Well, I suppose a cap would help if they wore it all the time, and kept all of their hair tucked into it. For us, that just does not happen. My boys wear a cap when racing, and sometimes when practicing - but not even close to the majority of the time spent in the water.
All 3 of my kids are year-round competitive swimmers. They spend many hours per week in a pool. My oldest has white-blond hair. You can buy the special swimmers shampoos - they help. You can add baking soda to your regular shampoo just before washing and really scrub with it - that works. What we have been doing for the past year or so is shampooing with Tresemme Clarifying shampoo (black bottle) every night. It really does the trick and is the cheapest, easiest...
Serentabbie ~ I have the tool I believe you're thinking of. The above link should get you there. I've had it for 3 years now and love it. My dh uses it constantly to get weeds out of his lawn - he is a grass fanatic. edited because link didn't work - you can go to qvc.com and search for "Grampa's Weeder".
I just started subbing this past year. I LOVE it! I only want to work part time and only when my kids are in school. Sub. teaching is perfect for me. I control when, where and how much I work. If I have something planned for a day, or just plain don't feel like working, I say "no thanks". Sometimes I end up working full time for weeks on end, but I can take time off if I want. I could easily work every single day and still be turning down jobs. The vast majority of...
Coleus is marvelous for a punch of color in a shade garden. There are some great varieties out there. I also love some ferns in the shade. They come in all sizes and lots of varieties.
J.Jill is my go-to place for just about everything I wear. Not cheap, but their sales are great!
All three of my babies weighed right around 10 pounds at birth. #1 was 2 weeks early, the other two were a few days after due date. They are all still tall (they are now 16, 13 and 10) but have never been overweight. They are just genetically programmed to be big. My brother weighed 13 pounds at birth...he's now 6'8" and about 250 pounds. Just plain big! So, to answer your question, big baby does not equal anything bad. Besides, in my opinion, there is nothing cuter...
I simply lied. I said that ds had had the chicken pox and gave a bogus date. When it came time for my pediatrician to sign the vax form he didn't bat an eye. I don't feel badly for lying at all...I think it is ridiculous to mandate such a thing. He did end up actually getting CP a few years after starting school...from a friend who had been vaccinated but got it anyway!
When I was growing up, we all did the fingernail X! I still do it occasionally, I think just out of habit...it helps temporarily but does nothing long-term.
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