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"I Am Superman" by REM for all of those fun, goofy kid shots. I've used that one a few times myself - once for a preschool dvd and once for our end-of-year swim team banquet dvd show.
I think it sounds like a fun, out-of-the-box way to teach math. It not only teaches about probability, but also addition, subtraction, etc. along with a good life lesson on gambling and the odds of actually winning. They're not being asked to bring in real money to gamble with, right? I think it will be a fun day and the lessons learned will stick in their minds much longer than anything learned from a book. I'd ask if they need any parent volunteers so I could be part...
My oldest two are 16 and 13. Neither one of them has any idea what they'd like to do as a career, and I am happy about that. They both continue to explore and get excited about learning new things in all different areas. I absolutely hate the big push to nail down career goals at such an early age. Kids around here are encouraged to enter magnet programs geared toward specific areas of study as early as middle school - I think that is ridiculous and inappropriate. I...
We've done it a couple of times. My youngest ds actually has one waiting to hatch in his "bug house" in the back yard right now. As long as your jar has sufficient air flow and doesn't get too hot they should hatch just fine. There will be A LOT of them and you'll need to set them free fairly soon after hatching, but it is fun to watch them all emerge...they are very tiny. Good luck!
I've done it...many times. All they want is to raise money, they don't care how many people you get it from. I hope she enjoys the trike-a-thon!
My guys have been through many sports/camp physicals. All that is required is that the doctor sign a form stating that there is no physical reason that the child can not participate in the stated activity. There is no reason the doc cannot skip the testicle check and still sign the form. Heck, the last sports physical my son had took place in the school hallway - he was weighed, measured, heart and lungs checked, bp taken and that was it. I'm sure that the doc will...
Possibly Liatris...also known as "bottle brush flower" or "blazing star". Hard to tell from the picture, but it looks like it may be Liatris a bit past its prime.
When my kids were younger, I would trade childcare with a few other moms so we could each do some school volunteering while our younger kids had a fun playdate with another family. My kids really looked forward to my volunteer days so they could have a few hours of fun at their friend's house. I think it meant a lot to the school-age child to see me there too.
Honestly, if my first grader was in your group on a field trip and I found out that in addition to supervising your assigned group you were also trying to keep up with 2 additional kids of your own, I would not be happy. I would either find a sitter or stay home and let someone else take your place as chaperone.
We have a Payton who lives across the street from us - he's 16 now. Extremely sweet, tall blonde, blue eyes, very cute. I've known him since he was about 9 years old...he's one of my ds's good friends. I will tell you that he is not too fond of his name because it has turned into more of a girl's name around here. Lance seems like a porn star name to me - sorry!
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