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My dad also swears by his neti pot (www.chinaberry.com) and I swear by Sinus Minus by trilight herbs (www.trilightherbs.com). I'm never without that stuff in our medicine cabinet. Hope you find relief!
My niece loved "Tuck Everlasting" - she went with a bunch of her friends for her birthday and they all loved it. I see that it just came out on DVD.
I just finished "The Secret Life of Bees" and highly recommend it. I read it in two days, a very easy read . It's one of those great books that have you really caring about the characters within the first few pages so you just don't want to put it down.
Well, I have tried wicker (you can get a large basket with handles at Michael's for about $5) but, you are right, they do not last! Even after buying one just for the kids to play with so they'd leave the laundry baskets alone, they still don't hold up too well. I went back to plastic pretty quickly. However, I did get a VERY sturdy and very large plastic basket from Crate and Barrel. I've had it for about 10 years now and it is like new. My youngest ds plays in it,...
Welcome! I'm probably not too far from you, in North Potomac, MD. As you can see from my username, I have 3 boys too! I'm sure you'll find that you love it here!
I've been there. A little straight (not diluted) citra-solv will do the trick with very little effort.
I use my microfiber mop with just plain hot water unless I have a serious mess, then I add a wee bit of bi-o-kleen cleaner/degreaser to the water. Works great!
Our district is phasing in all-day kindergarten, starting with the most "needy" (low income, non-english speaking, free lunches) schools. About 60% of the county schools now have all-day K. My youngest is in K this year and I am so glad that our school is not yet on the all-day list. I would have paid for private school for the year just to keep him half day. I am selfish, I want him home with me as much as possible for as long as possible. 5 is just too young to...
Mine walk...about three blocks and no busy streets. There are 5th grade "patrols" on duty to help them cross the only street which is just a neighborhood street that I would be very comfortable with them crossing alone. I trust my kids judgment much more than some 5th grader I don't even know. All of the neighborhood kids walk so there are always plenty of kids around - they usually walk in a group.
I was raised to refer to adults as "Mr./Mrs" except for a few very close family friends. All of my friends parents were addressed only as "Mr. or Mrs." I have taught my kids to do the same - only a very few (3 couples) are called by first names. My kids friends all call me "Mrs._____" - except for the kids of the previously mentioned extremely close friends. I never really thought about it in terms of showing respect - what you call someone does not instill respect. I...
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