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Quote: I didn't have BH Contx at all with my first two pregnancies; this time i have been drinking RLT since 2nd tri and sure enough im getting BH all the time...they are manageable and i've never found them to be anything more than uncomfortable...But if it's going to make labor at all shorter it is well worth it....  
  We are delivering in a hospital, i honestly don't even know where the closest Midewife even is...It's not something that's really happens around here that I'm aware of... Well this little babe is suppose to be a girl so i had said that my husband can name her as my names had "won" with my other two girls and he wanted to name her Alison however i came up with Ella Grace and i am sure that's the name we will be going with...oops!  
Quote: It has been long and alittle hard on me emotionally...My previous two pregnancies were very easy and i was ignorant to all the possible things that could go wrong; won't happen to me kinda attitude..Than i miscarried twins in May and nearly lost my own life....So I went into this pregancy an anxious mess and a few little scares did come up and i had to take everyday for what it was but we are here now nearly 36w and very excited to be almost done!  
I wouldnt' take it either; as others have said i would up my Vit D and C; and ensure i'm getting enough fluids...my fav is lemon and honey tea and wash your hands frequently.... Good Luck!
Quote: Hello;  My kids are pretty excited about the new baby.  My almost 3 year old keeps singing baby is coming soon but isn't done cooking yet...lol My 10 year old is excited but is less obvious about it then the rest of us... Although we had hoped for a boy (two girls already and no boys for our siblings either) we have been told twice now that its a girl...we are just as thrilled and excited to have another girl though... In my free time (ha ha ha) well i dont' have...
I add alfalfa as well 
That's very encouraging; thank-you for sharing your story and congrats on your new arrival!
I too don't think RLT will make you go into labor early HOWEVER i do believe it "may" cause you problems in the first tri if you are at risk of PTL or Miscarriage...This is my first preg trying RLT and if it will take any time away from my long labors i will be thankful... 
 This is my third pregnancy and i never had noticeable BH with either of the others but this one i stared drinking RLT and sure enough i'm getting quite a few...Im only 32w and not getting nearly as many as you but i would say its definitely an indication that things are working...Good Luck!
hmmm; that's odd...I almost daily drink RLT, spearmint, nettle and alfalfa and that doesn't doens't happen to me...I would suggest going into the RLT tribe thread and see if anyone else there has the same trouble 
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