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What was the outcome? We are in the same boat right now. I hope yours got healed.
Has anyone ever made a kefir smoothie and dehydrated it?  I know you can make fruit smoothies with juice and dehydrate those to make like a healthy fruit leather, but what if you added kefir?  I am thinking a new yummy probiotic snack on the go?  I did a google search and didn't come up with anything! Any thoughts?  Experience?  Links?
Say your prayers and take your vitamins, brother!  
I LOVE the baked oatmeal recipe in this forum.  I was wondering if I could substitute quinoa for the oatmeal?  If so, do I keep the amounts of the other ingredients the same?  I am lokoing for something I can cut into squares and freeze. Thanks!
Hi! My three year old has a baby brother comign into the world very soon. In hopes of easing her transition to new life with a sibling, I was thinking of getting her a boy baby doll that has a sling and possibly a cloth diaper. That way, she can wear and change her baby boy along with me. I would ideally like to find a Waldorf type/natural material doll, that happens to cost less than my mortgage. ;-) Any suggestions? Any other thoughts or suggestions on helping her...
http://www.wholefoodsmarket.com/recipes/1470 Here is a recipe for Morning Glory Muffins. If you read the comments, people suggested several good additions/substiutions to make them healthier.
I love the idea of using my crock pot and also making meals ahead of time and freezing in order to save time. I know there are a ton of websites and books out there that cater to crockpot and make ahead/OAMC recipes and a ton for whole food and healthy eating recipes, but I have never been able to find one that marries to two. It seems like most of the sites I come across have very Betty Crocker-ish type recipes that use less than excellent ingredients. We love to cook...
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