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Yay! Congrats on your sweet boy!     
HumbleLuna  I'm so sorry about your experience. It was/is my big fear. Just remember your body and baby know the perfect time for his arrival. My midwife went over how midwife's calculate dates yesterday. It was really interesting that their calculation would have my "40 week" mark placed just five days ago. Yes, we know when I conceived, but I guess looking at family history (long gestates), my cycle length, the size of my first son at 39 weeks, and a couple other...
She posted on the New Arrivals thread that baby is here. She did end up going to the hospital (i imagine b/c her labor never picked up).     
Yay! I'm sorry you had to transfer to the hospital, but I hope you and baby are doing well. Congrats on your Leapling! 
I haven't seen or heard anything from countingmore. I hope she and her baby are doing well. I believe she was UC'ing, but her labor wasn't progressing after ROM.    I hope those contractions stay around and turn into an easy, quick labor for you, MamaShannon. I bet your midwife is right about your babe flipping breech following the cerclage removal. Hopefully, she'll flip in labor. If not, it sounds like your midwife is confident in a beautiful breech birth. I know my...
I'll be having a March baby. I never would have thought. Go see my midwife today, and we'll talk castor oil induction before Monday. I don't know that I can emotionally handle having to go see an OB next week so I might just have to encourage my little man to get his self out of his cozy home. 
countingmore - Hoping to hear a joyful update on the arrival of a healthy baby and healthy mama. I know in stalled labors that my midwife uses castor oil and the cohoshes to get things going again. Keep downing fluids and just monitoring your temperature. I've had two friends who had ROM and no labor for 24 hours until they started natural induction means. Take care of yourself.         
I'm not doing anything to bring things on. I really want things to have as natural course as possible. Plus, everything my midwife tells me and experienced friends tell me is that the herbs, the walking, the sex, etc. only get things going or progressing when it's really time anyways. It's more a matter of coincidence when you hear the "I ate pineapple and had baby 48 hours later." However, my midwife has said that she's seen nearly 100% induction success with castor oil...
Yay! I hope everything is going smoothly. So excited to hear an announcement of a babe in arms! Healthy baby and mommy vibes and a smooth labor and delivery.    
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