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countingmore Wow! Hope you have a wonderful HBAMC! Sounds like you have the makings of early labor rather just a warmup. Hope you're holding your babe in your arms very soon.    mrscookie - Hope you can clear away the last night's nightmare and fill your mind with beautiful visualizations of your baby's birth day. I hope you don't have to worry about your next appointment and push for induction but are holding your little one by then. I've actually gained half the weight...
Sounds like a few of us are having some good warmup contractions. If things get going today, it will be day 5 of warmup. I'm actually quite okay with them since I'm an HBAC. It's a good feeling knowing my body is slowing gearing up, slowly stretching and strengthening my scar and uterus for the big event.
My EDD was the 18/19th. Still waiting as well. I've been having lots of warmup contractions for 3 days now. My midwife's early March EDD client just had her baby last night, and her late March EDD client looks like she might go early as well. It's crazy to think that I could have a March baby. If baby doesn't come by next weekend, we'll try for a castor oil induction before I have to see/transfer to an OB.     
Hope today is the day for you.     
Hope you have some luck with the castor oil. It's in my horizon if LO doesn't make his appearance by Friday.     
Yay! Congratulations!    
Yay! Good luck to you! Easy labor and birthing vibes for you.     
Well, I had quite the warm up labor yesterday. I'm sure it made some great changes for my body. Contractions every 5 minutes, lasting for 1 minute, for 5+ hours. Some were mild, some were moderate, and a few were really intense. 41 weeks this weekend so I'm hoping yesterday is a good sign of LO's birthday coming soon. It would be perfect for baby to arrive today or this weekend as DH has Fridays and Saturdays off and short workday on Sunday. 
Nothing today, but I held my new niece (5 days old) in hopes that it would make this baby a little jealous and want to come out. I also downloaded the Hypnobabies Come Out Baby track. Since I'm planning a midwife-assisted HBAC, I will have to see an OB starting at 42 weeks and don't want to worry about that. Of course, I still can't believe that I could have a March baby if I go past 41w 3-4d. I'm just continuing to embrace the magic of this pregnancy by comparison to my...
New Posts  All Forums: