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I've had a more than a few friends when "allowed" to labor had their breech babies flip during labor. Plus, I've known a few moms with supportive midwives or confident doctors who understand breech is a variation of normal allowed to deliver vaginally. All had healthy babies :-). Hoping you can have the birth experience you desire. Oh, and chiropractic adjustments and massage have helped my flipper stay head down the past few weeks. 
Anyone else have a baby that is still switching positions frequently? My LO has definitely dropped some, but he's still doing all sorts of spinning to LOA, ROA, and OP positions. Fortunately, he hasn't flipped to breech in a couple weeks and is still head down.  
My LO dropped on Thursday. It's been wonderful. LOL. I can breathe, and I've been nearly heartburn-free :-). Of course, he pops back up sometimes, but he's stayed down for the most part. It's been pretty cool since my DS1 never dropped, and I'd rather be able to breathe and deal with pelvic pressure than the opposite. Plus, I feel more confident that he'll stay head down now as he had still been flipping to breech until last Tuesday. 
Well, I had been thinking he would hold off until my kick date 2/21-22, but I'm beginning to think that he might be ready sooner. Of course, that could be wishful thinking as I'm really excited about the birth (planned HBAC), and my DH has been talking about how excited he is too. Plus, baby dropped yesterday, which DS1 never did, and it's wonderful feeling my body changing in ways that never happened with DS1. So, my thoughts of an earlier arrival could be completely...
Not impatient, but definitely excited. My DH was even commenting on how excited he was too, and we're planning an HBAC :-). My little guy dropped yesterday too, which has been so nice to breathe and not have all-day heartburn. It will be interesting to see if the new moon coming up will lead to anything for some of us. I'm actually due around the new moon in February :-)
Hope the move goes well for you. If you some help getting started with finding some like-minded mamas in the Memphis area, I highly recommend joining the Alternamamas of Memphis group. https://www.facebook.com/groups/alternamamasofmemphis/   We even have a doc that has natural birth-minded doctors and other natural birth-oriented recs like doulas and midwives. I don't have any recs on OBs as I'm having a midwife-assisted home birth, but I can say that I absolutely...
Well, I definitely thought I was on track to gain 35-40 lbs. I gained 40 with DS, and it was looking like I'd end up around 35 with baby #2. However, I haven't gained anything this 3rd trimester, and I suspect I'll probably lose a few in the last 4 weeks with as difficult as it is to eat and drink now. So, I'm looking at a 20 pound gain, which makes me very pleased since I only lost 20 of the 40 I gained the first go around. 
Yay! That's awesome on both counts!     
Milk supply can diminish or just change in pregnancy due to a variety of reasons. My milk supply is very progesterone sensitive so dried up the first trimester during the progesterone surge of pregnancy. Also, the milk itself can change. In my case, my milk (well colostrum came in around 22 weeks), and my dry nursing son completely stopped nursing. He gives me this look like "what the hell is that coming out?!?" So, between changes in supply related to hormones and...
We have a twin xl next to a queen. Fits perfectly and is comfortable for all of us. :-)  
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