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I decided to reschedule my appointment for 10 weeks. Hopefully things are going well. :-/
DS has known for a few days now. We were at the store looking at baby stuff and he started throwing clothes into the cart, lol. He is so excited that its almost annoying, lol. Now we just have to hope that he keeps his mouth shut while he's visiting grandma.
I need to either see the baby or hear the heartbeat at least once or I'm not going to fully believe it until I can see kicking, lol. I might end up with an ultrasound anyway because of circumstances. My cycles were very irregular when I conceived because I took two doses of Depo Provera (never again) earlier in the year. I'm certain of when I conceived but a similar thing happened with DS and they still wanted to get an ultrasound to confirm my due date. I'm not getting...
I never completely stopped wearing maternity clothes. I only really like the things that aren't obviously maternity. The exception is that I have to wear maternity shirts at the end or they ride up really high. I wear a lot of regular pants though.
It's hard. I'm 4 weeks today and I'm trying to remember what I did so early on with DS but it's been almost 4 years. I probably freaked out and started my registry. I never puked with him so I'm sort of hoping for a repeat of that. DH says if I puke that it's a sign of the girl-baby he wants. Puking means quitting my job earlier though. Summer is our tough time financially but I don't think I'll make it all the way to September. The test will be how wisely I can budget our...
For those of you who don't have birth plans, do you have plans for the birth? Getting a tub? Using your own? Encapsulating the placenta? Full-on lotus birth?
I'm a bit high-speed. I moved my first appointment so its not until 10w but I've already got most of my birth plan written out.
Probably not. The place is so small they aren't required to follow the FMLA, likely less than 15-20 employees total. Plus, even if I do find another job, our childcare providers (we cycle between 3) can't take on a newborn or even a second small child. Its whatever. Things will work out.
I don't think its completely black and white. Most things end up being dose dependent. I don't want to completely go without but I'd like to keep the dose on the lower side. Plus, my son really hated the doppler.
I'd like to do doppler only until fetoscope can be used and get only the one mid-pregnancy ultrasound.
New Posts  All Forums: