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3w5d today. Can't believe I've been having symptoms for a few days already. I want to quit my job, I'm standing 7-11 hours a day (just on the weekends). Money sucks though and DH doesn't want me to quit at all but really won't think about what we're going to do about childcare or breastfeeding if I stay. The company cannot give me the breaks I would need without needing to have someone "extra" there to keep things running while I'm gone. Then they might as well fire me...
I'm not even considering names yet. I don't want to think about it. The baby will pick his or her name eventually.
First appointment scheduled. I'll be 8 weeks.
Can I be moved to the BFP list now? Pretty please.
I am also in Michigan, Oakland County.
We found out on Saturday, got a dark enough line for DH to believe it on Sunday (today), and I'm calling on Monday.
Settings and then home page setting will give you a page link. You can add it to your signature if you want.
I ovulated/conceived January 29th, right as I was giving the thread up, lol.
I believe most of the listed foods are high in folate (I'm not sure if orange juice is fortified). Naturally occurring, its folate. Folic acid is man-made.
Guess what ladies? I'm PREGNANT!!
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