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Yeah. I went back and put in all of my cycle start dates since January 2008 so it has "47 cycles" listed. You can go back and edit any day at any time.
I'm going to take another in the morning.
DS asked like 2 days ago "Do I have a baby sister yet?" I just got a very faint positive this morning.
Okay. I already got it tweaked on another board. This is the original (its upside down) and the tweak.    
I'm *very* tentatively here. I had a very faint positive this morning. I can see it but just barely. I had it 'tweaked' and its more obvious but I'm still nervous beyond all doubt that I'm going to lose it. Second pregnancy, hopefully second child My due date is October 22nd. DH is hoping for a girl, I have no intuition either way.
I may have a very faint positive line. I don't want to get my hopes up too high. I'll come back with a picture if I can get a more obvious line.
This is today's update for my chart.
I'll post an updated version of my chart in the morning (the app on my phone is keeping time-adjusted temperatures). I'm feeling a little icky but I don't want to get my hopes up.
I can start getting semi-accurate results on a HPT on Saturday, maybe Sunday.
I'm having a hard time not making a list every time someone wants to be moved from one list to another, lol. Its reflex now.
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