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They can harbor thrush so if you think you have thrush you need to find a way to sterilize all of them or throw them away and get new ones. You're supposed to replace them regularly anyway because of hygiene issues. 
Get rid of the temperature. I wouldn't even bother putting it in. There's really no way to 'adjust' for physical activity.
 Well, more like 8ww since 14 DPO marks "4 weeks pregnant".
About 4.5 months I think. This is my 2nd ovulatory cycle since discontinuing depo provera.
My actual chart is FUBAR (effed up beyond all reason) but I have a second chart with time-adjusted temperatures. Its not 100% accurate but it makes more sense than the original. (The higher temperature before the hearts was due to alcohol)
If I remember correctly, Lh comes in pulses. It doesn't raise once and then lower once, the pulses get further apart and more powerful as ovulation approaches.
I already moved myself before you came on this morning, so I'm in the right category, but I'm considering myself in the 2ww now. I don't know for sure *when* I ovulated since my temperatures are FUBAR but based on symptoms and my OPK I'm going to guess the 29th. Fertility Friend is giving me a test date of February 13th. Hopefully I can hold off that long and the news will still be fresh for Valentine's Day. Of course if I'm not pregnant that means I'll be taking AF on any...
I moved myself to WTF. I had one high temperature and then two low ones and its pretty much too late for a delayed rise so I'm 75% certain I didn't ovulate. If I don't get a second 'peak' and AF doesn't come by the 14th or 15th, I'll test then.
Some supplements can harm your fertility if things are already working well. If anything, I would start your DH on a quality multivitamin and start charting because fertility issues are just as likely to be male factor as female factor.
apeydef volunteered. You two can talk about it if you want, I just need a break.
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