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You can ovulate the same day as your surge. I did the month I got pregnant with DS.
apeydef - The day before ovulation is actually better than the day of. You can still get pregnant from only DTD the day of ovulation but its more likely to end in miscarriage due to problems with the egg.
I'm CD 13 (wow, that late?) and I have no clue when I'm going to ovulate. It doesn't look like its going to be any time soon. Fertility Friend thinks around the 4th but I'm not going to put too much into that because last cycle was the first time I ovulated since Depo Provera and I could still be affected by it. I've been sort of depressed and confused lately. Nothing major but stuff in my head and I haven't been able to 'build my bridge and get over it'. If we don't get...
(Mental checklist)Step One: Quit... Job...Really, I can't stay away from sick people where I work. I have 50-200 kids coughing on me all day long and I may only get the opportunity to leave my 'station' two or three times in 8-11 hours. I'm just getting over three weeks of bronchitis that I'm 100% certain I caught at work.
If your cycles are normally around 45 days, you're probably not ovulating.
Is there someone else that can take over? Like, do a new thread for the second half of January?
If you're pretty certain you're not pregnant, I've heard drinking parsley tea can help bring on a period. Also, vitex is supposed to be good for regulating cycles.
OP Updated.   AFM - sick as a dog. Taking the weekend off work (sucks since I only work 2 days a week) and on cough syrup with codeine. I think I bruised a rib or something because it hurts like heck. I've been sick for 16+ days now. I've been a crazy lady and POAS'ing since 6 DPO. Its all been negative. I started feeling 'out' around 3 or 4 DPO anyway. Now I'm just waiting for AF. I don't think I can make myself test again unless she's late. She will be here probably...
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