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If you don't want to use medication, there are a few herbs that can help bring on a period. Parsley Tea or Sage Tea are supposed to be good (parsley probably better).
Thread Updated. Someone else can be OP next month, I need a little time off.
What do you mean by "really late"? DS was a CD 21 ovulation.
updated to here. Merry Christmas!   AFM: who knows what. I don't know what's going on.
I took a hpt, just because because. It was one of those 88 cent ones so whatever. Obviously negative. I can't believe I'm actually annoyed that I haven't had another early period. The last two cycles were 16 and possibly 14 days. My chart marked a new cycle because I put that I had a light flow but it wasn't much and it stopped and started over 4 days. Now I'm at CD 18 (or 32 if you don't count the bleeding). If this cycle is a bust I wish it would just end already.
Has anyone used herbs like vitex and red clover blossom?
If I don't 'flow', I don't mark a new cycle. Did your temp come back down with the spotting?I also think its your life. If you want to TTC, you should. I was talking to a woman having trouble with the nurses at her fertility clinic telling her not to try so hard, funny that if women weren't trying so hard that her job wouldn't even exist. You do what you think is good for you and your family, not what anyone else thinks you should do.
So what do we do when January comes? Erase the whole year of BFPs? I think maybe we should keep December up, at least for January. I'm not 100% sure if I want to give up thread keeping. There's that tiny bit of hope in the back of my mind that I might ovulate sometime in the next 10 days. Its a tiny hope. Teeny teeny tiny. Each month that goes by means its a tiny bit more likely that I will ovulate, right? And then I'll need to stick around. And if I stick around I might...
I know someone who was charting, (mucus, BBT and everything). She *knows* she got pregnant by spontaneous ovulation because her husband was out of town her entire cycle up until around 6 days after her temp rise and she ended up pregnant. NFP would say this isn't possible but she's in her 2nd trimester now!
I'm not gonna make you leave. Its weird having so many people leave at the same time. I'm gonna end up being the old crone of the TTC One Thread before I know it, haha. If I don't ovulate/conceive before mid-March, it'll be a 4 year age gap. I had never considered a "large" gap when he was tiny, then I had considered just keeping him an only child. It'll be different but my SIL is TTC (AFAIK she is getting her IUD out sometime this month) and her daughter just started...
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