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 It gives me cramps whenever I start it back up or if I miss a day. If I stop for too long and then try to take the full dose I feel like I'm in early labor. I'm starting it back up now with Red Clover Blossom. Hopefully they work well together and I don't have too much cramping.  Me. It went okay. She didn't seem too concerned. We're in 'the window' where ovulation can start back up (6 months since my last injection) but it really could take up to a year. I'm going to try...
I would just hold it for 3 hours and test again tonight. But I'm impatient like that.
So, who wants to be the OP in January? I think I need to take a little time off of MDC. I can try to keep updating until the end of the month but unless my doctor prescribes Clomid I might just fall off the face of the earth. Its insanely discouraging to keep failing to ovulate over and over and over again.
Delighted - That is definitely a positive!! We're getting a lot of BFPs here recently.     AFM - My appointment is tomorrow. I wanted to cancel but its pretty much too late now. The only reason I'll be able to cancel now is if AF shows up. Since her travel plans are all mucked up by anovulation, I don't know if I should expect her in a few hours or a few weeks. It's irrational but I just want my doctor to send me to someone who can do a monitored Clomid cycle. I still...
Please stop replying to November
It sucks waiting to ovulate. 2 months, 4 weeks, and 1 day. My body tries, my body fails, my body bleeds, repeat. Can't I at least get a chance? I want to be in the 2ww for once!
I think the thread is updated. Please, make sure your requests are bolded.
If you're ovulating on your own and you *just* got your cycle back, I would wait. It will likely resolve itself and soy might mess up what your body is already doing.
OB = Obstetrics (babies)GYN = Gynecology (women)I think *most* do both but you might be waiting a few weeks or even a few months as a "new patient", depending on your area. I had to wait almost 3 months to get an intake appointment with my family doctor. I wouldn't have gotten in at all but she was my mom's doctor and my son's doctor.
I was doing that and then I'd forget to go to the pill container. My schedule was all wacky so the only thing that stayed close to the same was when I woke up but I never wanted to take them ASAP.
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