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I just feel like sharing my little idea. DH is going to be gone a month. We're not 100% sure on the dates but I'm writing out a calendar one one of those big yellow legal pads (one week per page) and putting at least one thing on every day. I will be forcing myself to keep busy (or else I'll go insane). If I put it on a reasonable timeline and assign things to a specific day then maybe I'll be able to hold myself accountable better. My first week (just for an...
Bumping for more guesses! (This may also help with the Birth Buddies Match-up)
We are slacking!! The chat fell to the middle of the second page, lol. You gals need to keep me busy for about the next month starting at the end of this week. DH is going to be away for a month for army training and with no other children or nearby family I'm going to go insane if I don't keep myself busy with SOMETHING. I have my childbirth classes scheduled (finally, once a week for 4 weeks) along with a breastfeeding class, 3 prenatal appointments, and I have to...
Quote: Originally Posted by Crrrunchberrie When I was pregnant with my son I thought it was a girl and wanted a girl. But whenever I'd dream of the baby? It was a boy. I was disappointed for about 5 minutes when the u/s tech said it was a boy. Then I was overjoyed! Now I'm thrilled he's a boy. I don't really think I ever truly wanted a girl, I just thought I did. I also think I'll be just as thrilled if next time I have another boy!
Quote: Originally Posted by Bethusila She said normally you have to be pretty relaxed, which is why many women go into labor while they're at home or have been asleep. DDCC That's what I've heard too.
So not a dog but my CAT is driving me up the wall! He's chewed through 2 pairs of headphones, my Nook charger, the pump to my birth ball, and anything plastic he can find. The end of DH's charger is all chewed up (but still works) and he's gotten in the habit of waking us up in the morning by biting us!
DDCC - By 9 weeks I couldn't even wear my regular pants, I was in small maternity! I didn't look that much bigger but it felt VERY obvious.
DDCC - When you use your abs (like when you're sitting up) you can see the distension. I can see its horrible, my stomach nearly looks like a triangle with how much pushes out while sitting up. (The ab muscles are like curtains. Too much pressure behind the curtains with nothing holding them together and things poke through the middle.)
DoneGear set up (including car seat installed) Clothes washed and put away Diapers prepped Diaper bag packed for hospital Nearly everything bought Splash pad 'installed' under fitted sheet To DoTake Childbirth and breastfeeding classes (start next week) Print birth plan and last minute packing list Finish paying doula Buy a few small things (nothing I can't live without) Finish packing hospital bag Have baby.
The upside to having so many is that they have less of a chance of wearing out. We have 3 doz infant prefolds and 2 doz premium in addition to 2 BumGenius. Not quite as many as some people but his diapers take up a lot more space than his clothes!
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