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Quote: Originally Posted by WifeofAnt I never thought of the fact that a mother could end up calling out her husband/son's name during sex. Eek. I'm with WoA - I'd never even thought of that. Blerg. Bad, bad idea. Tell him what you told us - the diapers and the sex associations. Maybe that'll help it sink in.
Quote: Originally Posted by hotmamacita iIhave a really high IQ and yet I do not put much stock in IQ tests. Same here. Quote: Originally Posted by hotmamacita I can eat popcorn off my shoulders. I want to make popcorn and try this. To the movies!
Another "I love it" vote. It used to be a nickname for John, but I feel it works perfectly on it's own. Quote: Originally Posted by colorbywords I've never heard it short for John though. John F. Kennedy ring any bells?
I just created a FB page this weekend. I have one friend - my husband who also just signed up. The reason I finally broke down is because I wanted to see pictures an old friend of mine told me she put up. If it's really, really private I may join. May.
Welcome! I'm so glad that you're finally joining us.
Well, first off: what great news that everything is healthy with you and the babe! And - congratulations that it's a girl!
Quote: Originally Posted by MadiMamacita I posted a while ago to a thread about smilies about how I think that is the most inappropriate looking smily ever.. I really did laugh out loud seeing it in that context Okay - I had not even thought that. Dirty, dirty mama!
My midwife is billing my insurance company as we go along. I pay through the nose for health insurance because of all my "pre-existing" conditions but they do cover everything. I just can't wait until I pop this kid out and can get on my DH's awesome insurance plan - so many new pairs of shoes once I do.
Quote: Originally Posted by zinemama But I think that if you're going to call her Lily you should just name her Lily. I agree - a vote for Lily Mary Katherine from me.
Okay, I've thought of something I really "have" to do: I "have" to move my lazy butt from this chair and go upstairs to where my medicine is because my neck/shoulders are killing me. There's no will in that one, though - only tears.
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