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Quote: Originally Posted by darien How can I resist? You can't, but of course. But first off . . . Quote: Originally Posted by darien So, we DTD. :yawning This is probably the funniest sentence-smiley construction I've ever seen. Quote: Originally Posted by darien I'm sorry, officer, but pets need to be walked, no matter the weather. And this made me laugh like a hyena. Okay, on...
Quote: Originally Posted by dooney thanks, still no news. waiting on the camera pill. I've done those a few times. They can take some time to pass - it's a game of variables. I hope you know more by now, though.
I've moved on to my first copy of Pride and Prejudice. Oh, Jane Austen - you had my number but good.
Quote: Originally Posted by clutterwarrior OMG don't tell me they now make a Dyson that washes the floor for you...I have to get one! I have an old Dyson but it is just a vacuum, it doesn't wash the floor. It doesn't "wash" the floor. Any wet messes I wipe up by hand, and the give the floor a go over every so often with the Dyson. They do have fans now, though. I SO want one. Like, I'd-kill-someone-for-one want one. Actually, I want one for...
PM'ed you.
I guess I'm one of the crazy people. I haven't even given birth to our first yet and I already want a second. I'm tempted to try and get "Baby Fever" into the medical journals.
Eh. My Mom wants me to go shopping with her, there's a friend in Baytown I really need to visit while I'm in town, I could go for a drive with DH and show him various parts of my youth that he's yet to see, and I can always head back to the hospital to check on my Dad even though it's not my scheduled time . . . yet here I sit. Time to start searching for a restaurant that will deliver. (Man, I miss NYC right now.)
Quote: Originally Posted by Uxor Buy Sony cause Caucasians are too damn tall. Crazy People. Here's mine: There's a thesaurus in the library, "yeah" is under "Y." Go ahead - I'll wait.
Quote: Originally Posted by DaughterOfKali I once sat on Stevie B's lap (for those who don't know him, he used to be a semi popular singer in the late 80's/early 90's.) Sort on topic with this one - but not really: my grandmother was once called a "cute kid" by Clyde Barrow. He tapped her on the nose and gave her money to buy some chocolate with.
Quote: Originally Posted by sapphire_chan As for rewording: "If everyone knows something is true, look to see whose pockets the truth is filling." Ooh! I like that.
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