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"Refusing an intervention I desperately want all children to receive"   This doctor doesn't seem to take into consideration an individual child's medical situation. He's saying he wants vaccines for all children.   When you wrote, "It's probably not why you think!" and "a new perspective on this issue," I was expecting to read something interesting that I hadn't read before, but I've read about this reason many times.     In an area with many doctors to choose from,...
If you go when a lot of other parents are going, you risk another parent overhearing a discussion about the exemption. But the office workers might be busier, so perhaps less likely to get into a discussion with you.   If I had a choice, would probably choose to go when I didn't think other parents would be there, for the sake of privacy.
 Thank you! I was wondering the same thing about the baboons who had natural immunity. I thought it was interesting the article did not provide that information, and figured that must be the reason. The article was a step in the right direction, but giving that bit of information would have gone too far, I suppose! Do you have a link?
http://www.scientificamerican.com/article/baboon-study-reveals-new-shortcoming-of-pertussis-vaccine/   "Tod Merkel and his colleagues at the U.S. Food and Drug Administration suspected another weakness lurked in the acellular vaccine—that it might not block the spread of the disease. To test their hypothesis, Merkel's team members infected baboons with pertussis."   "the bacterium lingered for 35 days in the throats of the baboons that had received the acellular...
 That's because of the MDC user agreement and moderators.
I love how most of their references are by Brian Deer and Paul Offit.
I'm not in the UK, so I don't know exactly how it works, but I don't think you're required to go to that appointment. They said the appointment was so your "questions could be answered?" Why do they assume you have questions, and why do they assume you would want any such questions to be answered by that particular doctor? I would probably ignore the appointment just as you've done in the past. I think that's bizarre that they book an appointment without confirming with...
In addition to medical personnel and the general public being uneducated about vaccines, I think the there's another reason for the tetanus shot being given for every wound. It's what's expected. It's ingrained in our culture. A trip to the hospital for a wound just wouldn't be the same without a tetanus shot. It's part of the package. Part of the experience.
I buy NutriBiotic sodium ascorbate at Whole Foods Market, but you can also buy it online. I think other brands should be fine also.   I buy the Whole Foods Market brand vitamin D3, 5,000 mg. Other brands should be fine as well. I don't know what dose would be good for an infant. It's important to take vitamin D3 during pregnancy, as well.   I use VSL#3 probiotics for myself and my kids (450 billion CFU packets, flavored). http://vsl3.com  For an infant, I would...
I would do that now if I didn't have responsibilities that would preclude being in a hospital for 9 days.   I'd load up on probiotics and vitamin D beforehand, so I might not even have to get sick.   Other than thinking, "$3,000, sweet!" my other thought was, "how could they have possibly gotten ethical approval for this, with such a dangerous, deadly virus!"  
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