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 I totally agree.
Autism doesn't have just one cause. Tylenol and/or vaccines, and/or other environmental assaults cause autism in genetically/epigenetically susceptible children.   I agree that much more attention should be given to Tylenol. I warn people about Tylenol when I have the opportunity.
Fries and Big Macs for healthy lives too!
Excellent.    I've always kept my kids' non-vacciated status private. I've never been more thankful for that than in the past year or so. The media and online bullying has REALLY gotten out of hand. I do think it's been orchestrated at a certain level.   I don't agree with the author's suggestion in one of her posts to donate to the Gates Foundation. The Gates Foundation has been involved in forced vaccination of people in third world countries, even if indirectly. I...
Besides chickenpox, which specific diseases are you worried about your children getting? It isn't enough to believe in the concept of vaccines. It only makes sense to do them for specific diseases you're actually worried about. If you want to vaccinate for chickenpox, then do that. It doesn't mean you have to give any other vaccines.
 Really? "Nothing to do with vaccines?" How about it's pretty good evidence that vaccines are not the only factor.
New Jersey is also one of the most polluted states, I think.   If they continue to claim it is genetic, I'd like to know what is so different genetically about people in New Jersey vs. Alabama.
If you don't have hepatitis B, and you would know if you did, because every pregnant woman is tested, then you can delay the hepatitis B vaccine for your baby as long as you want. Other than from an infected mother to child during birth, it is primarily spread through illegal intravenous drug use and unprotected sex with infected partners.   The DTaP Vaccine, or any combination vaccine containing diphtheria/tetanus/pertussis, is less likely to cause asthma if the first...
 I agree. It very well could be a genetic predisposition to a certain kind of vaccine induced brain damage.
Your daughter is perfect right now. Even though your spiritual beliefs have changed, why would you want to allow her to undergo invasive medical procedures unless it was necessary?   You said you don't want to vaccinate out of fear. What are your specific fears?
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