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According to this article http://vaccinationcouncil.org/media/The-Vitamin-C-Treatment-of-Whooping-Cough.pdf Sodium ascorbate for pertussis Daily dose = 375 mg/kilogram body weight, or 171 mg/pound body weight   So for you, at 150 pounds, that would be 171 x 150 = 25,650 mg per day. The Nutribiotic sodium ascorbate is 1,250 mg per 1/4 teaspoon, or 5,000 mg per teaspoon. 25,650 divided by 5,000 is 5.13 or approximately 5, so for you, the dose would be 5 teaspoons per...
But the MMR doesn't contain adjuvants. The Russell Blaylock article is regarding forced flu vaccination (I guess in other countries, since U.S. flu vaccines don't contain adjuvants).   For vitamin A, I like the Klaire Labs micellized vitamin A http://www.vitaminsforus.com/klai0018.html   I'm never going to give the MMR, but it will come in handy if my kids get measles, plus I give them a drop every once in awhile. A drop is 5,025 IU. Much more than that is needed...
How can vaccines be "victims?" People can be victims, but not vaccines. Shouldn't we be concerned about what's best for people? Are more people suffering because fewer people are vaccinating? I don't see evidence of that. It's come to the point that vaccines are all that matter, simply because they are, the all important VACCINES.
 But people with ebola hemorrhage. So it's quite likely those sitting next to them on a plane would get blood on them. I think that's reason enough to require an ebola vaccine for all U.S. school children, if one were made.
 What about aid workers and missionaries?
 Ha ha, are you prepared to join the dark side?
1. Research, which I was lucky enough to do before having kids, so I could learn from the bad experiences of other people, sparing my own kids the risks of vaccines. Lots of different kinds of research, from the CDC, to individual stories.   2. Yes. I'm fine with my kids being exposed to pertussis and measles, as well as colds and the flu. Kids cough and sneeze on each other. That's life.   5. Do you mean a "type" of animal known to carry rabies, or knowing for sure...
Those photos remind me of the lines for the H1N1 vaccine in 2009.   Previous http://www.thestar.com/life/health_wellness/news_research/2009/10/30/temporary_h1n1_vaccine_shortage_looms.html
I don't think it would be extremely risky, but I wonder if it would be too young to get strong immunity. You would probably want to expose him/her again in a few years.   If you were a mom before the chickenpox vaccine came out, you wouldn't be able to plan when your kids got chickenpox. I'm sure 2 month olds were exposed all the time by their siblings.   Do you have natural immunity to chickenpox? If so, I think that will help protect your breastfed baby.
Wikipedia might start requiring people to disclose if they are being paid to edit pages. http://meta.wikimedia.org/wiki/Terms_of_use/Paid_contributions_amendment
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