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I think the forms are okay, because they are apparently trying to comply with Illinois law regarding college vaccine exemptions, which states, "General philosophical or moral reluctance to allow immunizations will not provide a sufficient basis for an exception to statutory requirements." http://www.ilga.gov/commission/jcar/admincode/077/077006940C02100R.html   I think as long as your niece makes it clear that her objection to vaccines are religious in nature, she will...
Sounds like Bordetella pertussis is smarter than a lot of people.
I wonder how much President Piñera was paid for that veto, and by whom. So sad. 
 So you do think it's okay for kids to be barred from a public education for a parent's vaccine choices. Got it. But, as I pointed out previously by posting the text of the law, this is a moot point for her, since Pennsylvania law does not require there to be a religious belief against vaccines to get the exemption for school. It is a strong ethical conviction of mine, that drugs should not be used unless they are necessary and the benefits outweigh the risks. Otherwise, I...
 Everything above is NOT correct.  States with philosophical exemptions (20 states) allow opting out of one, two, multiple, or all vaccines. In states with only religious exemptions, it depends on the wording of the law. Every state law is worded differently. And, if the school doesn't know what vaccines your child has gotten (if you've opted out of the state's vaccine registry), it doesn't matter. School vaccine laws are made at the state level, and apply equally to...
Pennsylvania exemption law for school http://www.pacode.com/secure/data/028/chapter23/s23.84.html (religious and philosophical)   Pennsylvania exemption law for childcare http://www.pacode.com/secure/data/028/chapter27/s27.77.html (just religious)
 It is a decision made by the Department of Health, not the school. It does happen sometimes.
I don't understand why hospitals don't put nurses on unpaid administrative leave for 21 days following a FluMist vaccine? Instead, they require a flu vaccine (any flu vaccine, including FluMist is allowed), and they fire those nurses who refuse. Even pregnant nurses!
I don't recall ever getting sick or my kids getting sick after visiting the doctor for a "well-check." However, we don't vaccinate. The article mentioned that family members, as well as kids got sick after those visits. I think it has a lot to do with vaccines harming the immune system, and also live virus vaccines shedding.
Febrile seizures can happen when a fever rises rapidly. They have nothing to do with how high the fever is, only how fast it rises. Therefore, fever lowering drugs such as Tylenol do not help prevent febrile seizures.   Febrile seizures can be caused by illness or vaccines, because vaccines can cause fever. Unlike other types of seizures that can be caused by vaccines, febrile seizures are supposedly harmless.
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