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Quote: Originally Posted by mama to 2 girls   And he also had to throw in for good measure my use of alcohol hand sanitizer and that it's the reason for all the super germs and that why can I use hand sanitizer but vaccines are not ok.   Quote:   lol. exactly. You might also want to point out that the alcohol hand sanitizer industry does not require legislation and Supreme Court decisions protecting them from any and all lawsuits in order to stay in...
If you do adequate research on circumcision, I doubt you'll decide to circumcise. Check out the circumcision forum here.  But just to let you know, there is a reason the Jewish tradition is to wait 8 days for the circumcision. It's because the vitamin K levels are higher at that point.   Neither of my babies got vitamin K (injection or oral). I had a home birth with no interventions, and I'm not smarter than millions of years of evolution. If you're worried, eat...
Quote:   EXACTLY.   Not that I would ask anyone their vaccination status (because I tend to stay out of people's health business in real life) but I'd MUCH rather someone visiting my baby NOT be vaccinated for pertussis. And I can guarantee I've done a lot more research on pertussis and the vaccine than your brother and SIL.    
"It is unknown whether immunizing adolescents and adults against pertussis will reduce the risk of transmission to infants." http://www.vaccineplace.com/support/brochure/adacelpatientbrochure.pdf (page 5) Adacel (Tdap) advertisement
I would delete "or legal guardian" and I would add "strong moral conviction" or "strong ethical conviction" instead of simply, "beliefs."
By the way, how come it's never this kind of cr*p that's cut from the budget during national budget emergencies?
Quote: There is no law in California that says schools and school nurses cannot inform parents about exemptions. Informing is not promoting.   Did you get something in writing saying that? Or did someone from the state or the district or the school tell you that?
Quote: The extension is actually 30 days. A student can attend the first 30 days of the 2011-2012 school year without showing proof of the Tdap vaccine or turning in exemption paperwork. The bill, SB 614, was recently passed, and is awaiting the governor's signature.
Quote: Actually, anyone who has the chickenpox virus in their body can get shingles. That includes exposure from the vaccine, which is a live virus.
Here is the form. http://www.dhhs.nh.gov/dphs/immunization/documents/exemption.pdf
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