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I've been nearly 100% raw for about 5 months now. I've had ups and downs, but am loving it My newest find... I made kale chips this week in the dehydrator. They were so yummy that I ate two bunches of kale worth in one day!
I have been raw for 4-5 months and feel great Dh is thinking about trying it, but he is very allergic to nuts. Are there any un-cook books out there that do not use nuts? Thank you!
There's a PF Changs with a veg friendly menu and plenty of other non-veg stuff. Personally, I'd go to Whole Foods. The WF in Annapolis is huge! They have a very large prepared foods department with 2 cold salad bars, 2 large hot bars, a soup bar, sushi, brick oven pizza, grill with burgers, etc. It would be very easy to find something for everyone. And, they have a very large cafe area to sit and eat in. Good luck!
My friend thinks there is at least one family here who has kids at Gibson Island Country School. I would love to here any experiences that people have had with the school. Thank you
My goal is to be 100% raw once I get my Vita Mix next week It was a wonderful gift from my mom as well! I've been nearly there, except for my cashew butter. But, I'll start making it in the Vita Mix and be golden. My bigger goal is to make my diet less dependent on nuts. Boy, I love my nuts. I eat way more than I probably should be. But, I am also very small, so I figure the fat is good for me.
Hello all! I've finally moved to an almost raw diet. The only think cooked I'm eating right now is roasted cashew butter on apples. Yumm! I am so excited and feel great. I also splurged and got an Excalibur dehydrator to make some goodies and dry nuts.
Blueberry Gardens is already picking We plan on going Friday morning if picking is good (always call first!) if anyone wants to join us. I have to wait until my dad drops his daughter off, so I don't know what time we'll be there. It will likely be around 10. PM me if you want to join us and I'll let you know what time we'll be there and how to find us. It would be great to have others with us!
I am curious to see what people's experiences have been. If you've hat Alcat testing done and have done their rotation diet, how long did it take for you to see improvements in your symptoms, if you saw any? Thank you
I'm subbing since I would love to know, too! I emailed Lariland at least a month ago and never got a response
So, for my new rotation diet based on food sensitivity, I have a list of foods for day 4 that I can't figure out what to do with. Breakfast of fruit salad and nuts is easy. Any ideas for other meals? I would especially like Pumpkin recipes, as I have canned pumpkin right now. I also have Buckwheat groats and flour. These are the only foods/spices that can be used; buckwheat beet cucumber jalapeno okra parsnip rhubarb swiss...
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