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So this is way out there, and a larger literal desert than you currently live in , but I just LOVE our Abu Dhabi homeschool group. There are only 3 or so unschooling families, a handful of relaxed/eclectic homeschoolers and a whole bunch of curriculum-based homeschoolers. But we have so many activities to choose from, it's a rare week that we spend more than two days at home, and since we're all expats, it's a full-on community. Even better, lots of families are...
Here's a link to the Natural Child project's article on why one should always respond to a child's cries.   My computer is acting up and I'm not able to keep searching. But I was going to try Kellymom next, and Jay Gordon may have something about toddlers...?   HTH, sorry I couldn't work on this more.
No, I'm sorry! I don't anything about Kuwait...
My baby (3.5 yrs) hasn't nursed in over a week, and when I've offered he's refused. So I guess we're done. I have nursed 3 kids, tandem nursed two of them for 1.5 yrs, and each one has come to their own weaning on their own time. I guess I'm ready to turn 40 now (this summer)! On to a new season...          
Our homeschool group was featured in The National! (Local newspaper). Check it out!  
Yes, it's died down quite a bit, in large part because the women who started it have left the Middle East. I was asked to moderate the group, so I'm still there, and there are over 80 members, most of whom still receive the e-mails (have not gone no-mail). So if you have specific questions, I'd bet you'd get answers. The LLL group mentioned above is probably a good bet, too.
Well, for what it's worth, even in the US, unschooling is not a different category than homeschooling, so you wouldn't register your child as an "unschooler." Many many states in the US have strict requirements for homeschooling, and unschoolers find ways of meeting those requirements while going about their unschooling days. So if homeschooling is legal, but strictly monitored or whatever, you can still mostly unschool.
Yes! We use them for our homeschool math club. For each meeting we pick a topic, watch a Cyber Chase episode about it and choose some of the family math activities around that topic. Many of the activities are better done with one or two children, but a lot of them work well for a group, too. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
As bad as Florida schools are, there is no way you can do any worse than they're doing. It's almost guaranteed you will do tons better. And if what the pp said about Ohio schools is true, then it sounds to me like not homeschooling would be neglectful. If you feel you need to convince your family, search this forum... There have been many posts on the subject of convincing husbands and other family that homeschool is a good idea. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
I'm not sure what state you're in, but to my knowledge, you can simply withdraw him (as you would if you were moving to another state) and then you have a grace period to file your intent to homeschool with the district. You can figure out the homeschool curriculum after you've done those things, unless your state law requires that you file lesson plans. But be sure that you are complying with the LAW, not with random "requirements" the district may try to tack on. As...
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