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Missionaries from the US and Canada have been homeschooling for ages here. But as it's become more popular around the world, the groups have diversified and grown. Our group has over 50 families that participate regularly in field trips and events, and several more that are more loosely associated with us.The group in Dubai has similar numbers, too.I arrived to find a ready-made community just teeming with activity--it was really great to have that
  And this one is it!!!!! Woooooooo woooooooo!! I made it !      
awesome! I'll look for your party thread
Both DH and I wanted to live overseas so when he was offered this job by his company, we were all over it. We've only been here since June, so we're all still adjusting but it's been a fantastic adventure so far !
Thank you!!Only three more to go!
Ha, ha! I've been so busy that it's taken me this long to achieve senior status No more kids. I thought.I wanted four, but I feel completely done with pregnancy, birthing and caring for an infant. Each milestone my littlest one reaches is tinged both by wistfulness over his being my last, and relief that we're making our way out of babyhood.Dubai is a major city that boasts many skyscrapers, including the tallest building in the world. It's a bustling, international,...
Wow, I'll be the mother of a teen and a preteen then! I hope we'll still be here, still happily homeschooling and doing a lot of travelling. I also hope I'll be done breastfeeding by then (the youngest will be 9, so I'm sure I will have been done for a while by then, LOL!)
In those six years I've...   -- Had two babies for a total of 3 awesome kids -- nursed one child or another (and sometimes two at once) non-stop -- had kids in daycare, quit my job, put one in school, homeschooled all three -- moved half way across the world
... 8 more posts to finally be a Senior!!!   Come party and help me get there!
Netbooks don't have cd-rom drives. You can buy external ones to attach, but it'll cost extra. Netbooks are really only intended for using the Internet, not for other computing needs, so if your kids install games, then a laptop is better. Posted via Mobile Device
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