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So sorry you're dealing with this Claire. Hoping the doc is wrong, but if not - wishing you a sense of peace about everything.  Crossing my fingers for a good outcome for you though! Please update when you can.  
Don't have time for a full thread review, but wanted to drop in for a moment.  AF is officially one week late (at least!), and my body is acting posessed!  Testing on Saturday morning again - would have done it sooner, but DH is at his mom's this week & he REALLY wants me to wait until he is home.  He gave me the puppy-dog eyes. I promised I'd wait.  Yup, I'm a sucker for that man!  Anyway, I'm trying to to get too set on this being THE cycle - but it's really seeming...
I completely second seeing a naturopath if you can.  Some insurances cover it just like any other doctor.  I've had crazy cycles since the start, some months bleeding for 3 weeks straight - or even all the way through for 2 months or more at a time (not always heavy, sometimes very light but still there). I started seeing a naturopath, and on my first visit she started treating me for PCOS & thyroid issues.  A few months in to seeing her, I started seeing an...
I've been getting acupuncture for about a year now, focusing on first getting me to a more healthy, balanced state and then on regulating my cycle & boosting fertility.  Not only is it very relaxing (I often take a nap during treatment), but it has done wonders for my system.  I've actually been able to tell when I ovulate, and it's been fairly regular.  I highly recommend it!
I'm sure hoping, gizzyntaz! DH is absolutely convinced, but I'm trying REALLY hard to keep myself realistic - it's getting more difficult all the time.
Hi again all - just wanted to post  quick update tonight.  I'm still in it - AF has yet to show up.  Still exhausted, dh says the "girls" are looking even more... well, let's say abundant... than usual (and I'm a DD - DDD anyway). Mildly queasy off & on throughout the day, mega appetite most of the time, and getting a bit bloated at night.  Figure I'll wait a little longer before I test again, DH & I decided that I will buy another couple tests this week, and if I still...
Welcome TeaJunkie!
POAS this am, bfn but the spotting is gone again & symptoms are all still there.  I'll give it another couple days, then try again.  Apparently b/c of my PCOS, spotting is actually pretty normal (and sometimes the tests take longer to show + on a hpt).  Not losing hope yet - I'm still in it until AF shows her ugly face! Can you tell I'm feeling a bit fierce & warrior-like today?
Very true.  I'll have to check my account balance & pick up a test if I can swing it.  If not, then Tuesday is payday - will have to wait until then.  Here's hoping!  Thanks for the encouragement!
Well, AF should be here today (or so) if this month didn't happen.  Have had very light (not even enough to be on the pad - sorry if tmi) spotting off & on since I woke up this morning, still hoping it fades away & doesn't turn in to AF.  Definitely different than my normal "it's here & it's ticked off" cycle, so not sure what's going on.  Keeping my fingers crossed!  Up until now I've had a strong feeling that this was our month, what with all the crazy symptoms &...
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