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Just found this one through a Natural Parenting website :).  http://otownbw.blogspot.com/
Jenny-  To bad there isn't already a group there.  It seems like there are a lot of "Crunchy" mommas there.  We will either be moving to SLC or Ogden most likely Ogden.  Where are you located?  
We are almost certainly moving to SLC within the next 6 months :).  I have been looking for a crunchy/granola playgroup, natural parenting, or attachment parenting group with out any luck.  I looked on meetup.com, playgroupsusa, yahoogroups with no luck.  Does anyone know of one?   If there is not one already who would want to join one?  I have already started two natural parenting groups what's one more lol.  One where we used to live Killeen and one in San Antonio...
MnMtn- Thanks for the reply. My husband's mom still lives there in SLC.  We have visted several times and I LOVE the city.  But, more than likely we will not be able to live directly in the city :(.  I have started a "Crunchy Mommas" playgroup in the last two areas we have lived in.  I would like to just join one this time :).  However, if there is not already one there I will most likely start one. I'll definatly post here when I know if we are moving for sure or not.  
My family and I are discussing moving to Salt Lake City.  My husband is from there but is a bit worried about me moving there as we are not Mormons.  He says that we will be outcast to an extent because of our faith.  Being from Texas I'm not used to this kind of religious segregation.  What is ya'lls experience with this and to what extent will my children be affected by this?   I have been looking online for non-religious playgroups in the area and haven't found...
OMG, they are all so precious!   Here is our Falyn Rae 2/20/12    
OMG, they are all so precious!   Here is our Falyn Rae 2/20/12  
I've cut out every thing green and dairy for almost 2 weeks now :(.  I noticed the green veggies effecting her first.  As I don't eat green veggies every day.  The dairy it took me a while to figure out.  I now crave cheese lol.  I started noticing a difference about day 4 of cutting it from my diet.  I know for sure it's the dairy because she was accidentally given a bottle that had been pumped before I gave up dairy.  And she cried ALL day.    It sucks but I hoping...
Our son's name is Gavin Ray and our daughters name will be Falyn Rae.   The Ray in our son's name is after my fathers middle name.  The Rae in our daughters name is after my husband's grandmothers name.
We are 34 weeks but I just know she's coming early.  DH thinks she will be born 2/12 instead of 2/21.  She has been head down for 3 weeks now and I have been having mild contractions since then as well.  We are totally ready for her when she is done baking.  I trust she and my body knows when the time is right :).
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