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I love the Babyhawk, but I don't think the padded shoulders really make a difference in comfort. The most important thing for getting comfy, in my opinion is a good tie (high and tight) and good wide weight distribution (wide straps opened fully). Good luck!
I know one cheap way is to buy an Ikea mattress: since they are sold in Europe and European standards are so much better than in the states, they are non-toxic. Good Luck!
I have a ridiculous range of carriers to choose from, but my all around favorite is my Babyhawk. Suer comfortable, beautiful and easy to get on and off. I LOVE my Babyhawk.
Thanks for sending people our way!
I just placed my order! It looks like it will be a *little* later than expected, but it's coming! (I don't think we are allowed to say exactly when). It looks pretty cool though!
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