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I don't like the whole pink/blue thing, either, especially when it applies to everything.  But I think just used as a symbol it's the most straightforward.  I'd go for yellow as the neutral color.
Hugs and love to you and your family.  I'm so sorry.
Ah, thank you!!!  I had to google this to find it, and here I am back at Mothering.  :)  
I popped at 11w4d and this is my second baby.  I was mindlessly staring down as I was hooking my bra in back until it dawned on me: there's a big tummy sticking out!  I popped up higher, like it's pushing everything up.  At least I pretty much skipped that awkward "pregnant or fat?" stage.  Fun, fun, fun!  Congrats!
I don't have a lot to say about body image, but I've had issues with stress postpartum as well.  If you're already concerned about that time, my advice would be to line up a strong support system of people you're comfortable with.  Whether they bring you food, help with housework, are just willing to receive a phone call anytime-- whatever you find you need during that time-- it's vital to have people around you that care about YOU when you need them.  That's what I...
I got dizzy frequently, to the point of bracing myself, with my last pregnancy.  I was extremely fatigued then, too.  This time I'm nauseated and lightheaded.  Luckily my symptoms have been spread out, but the nausea alone has me yearning for the second trimester this time.  Hang in there!    --Dana
Also check the thread, "Baby movement, already?"  I started that when I felt the first movement and there are a lot of comments there, too.  :)  A lot of women have felt movement earlier with their second, but I guess everyone is different. 
I think now that I've felt that initial movement, I can tell when the baby is moving.  It's not quite even what I'd call fluttering, but close.  I'm waiting for another big definitive kick or something, but this is enough to bring a smile to my face and an occasional tear to my eye.  It sure is exciting!  After my previous pregnancy ended early in  miscarriage, I'm finally starting to feel relaxed and excited this time around!!   Oh, and Conchobhar, I do think I know...
I felt the baby just before 11 weeks, but I haven't felt it definitively since (now I'm 12 weeks).  I was sitting on my side but propped up watching a movie, and I could feel a turning sensation.  I felt my first baby, I think, in week 14 or 15.  So it should be anytime!  I definitely know what I felt, even though I was so surprised to feel it early.  Can't wait for more!   Dana  
There's a lot of great advice here!   I agree to do a lot of research on natural birth.  However, even when you prepare for a natural birth, it's not uncommon for things to unfold differently from how you planned or expected.  That's why it's important to be educated, so you can have a say about how things are handled in different situations.  Prepare all you can but keep an open mind going into it.  This was the best advice I got when going into birth, and I wish I...
New Posts  All Forums: