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  Welcome Honeybunmom - We also kept up with the 401k contributions up to the company match because it helped reduce our taxable income (husband is a traditional employee with a six figure income as well and I'm self-employed but nowhere near six figures hehe).  I'm not sure how much of a dent it made in our taxes but it was a mental thing for us.  We still managed to pay off our debt in about 14 months.  Have you mapped out how long it will take to payoff your debt...
  Eirual - Thanks for the info on sinking funds.  I'm trying to figure out which funds to create - I know right now the main fund is going to be as a home repair fund for our old property. I'm thinking car repair, kids activities (most are paid 1x/annually), gifts, car registration and auto repair/maintenance are going to be my main focus now that our FFEF is done.   Thanks also for the info on how you handle the tenant situation.  My grandmother is selling her...
Hmm, only part of my post came through so the whole grams moving in makes no sense.  We bought a new house so we have two mortgages now - total of both is 32-33% of our monthly net income but it will be nice to put the mortgage money for the old house into retirement savings instead.  Of course none of this is DR-approved, condoned, recommended etc.    
  Eirual - Yay for sinking funds!!  Your tenant story of course makes me a lil woozy about our recent decision but hopefully grams will move on in there to take a little pressure off hehe.  How many different sinking funds do you have?  
Sorry to hear that it wasn't the best month for goal-reaching in April, perhaps May will be a better month.  We've had a good month here and have stayed focused while we continue to build BS3.  My husband's supervisor called him this morning to let him know he's received a promotion and about a 6% raise.  This was totally unexpected as it is mid-year and we weren't expecting a performance review/pay bump until the end of the company's fiscal year in August.  
mylilmonkeys - Yay - glad that helped you!   Sustainable Investing - Turquesa I think it was you that mentioned sustainable investing.  I had the opportunity to interview author R. Paul Hermann last year and I'd recommend his book, website, etc as a good place to start.   HIP Investor Website - http://www.hipinvestor.com/   HIP Investor - Human Impact + Profit: Making Bigger Profits by Building a Better World
  $260/mo for family coverage    HSA w/$3k deductible and my husband's company made $2k in contributions directly into the HSA.  Once the deductible is met everything is paid at 100% including prescriptions.  Well-visits and preventative medicine is paid at 100% from the start.
  If I recall correctly, there are budget forms in the back of My TMMO - which should help give you a framework for what goes on your budget.  There are also a lot of free resources on daveramsey.com - here are some links to get you started:   Here's a copy of his Gazelle Budget Lite - Gazelle Budget Lite   Read through the New to Dave? and Budgeting sections on this link: http://www.daveramsey.com/category/tools/   trekkingirl - for many, BS1 is more...
Stanleymama - That's right, I remember discussing this before.  Yes that is mortgage-sized debt IMO and if it were me I'd put it in BS6.  Frustrating about the house situation - at least you learned about the flooding acres vs. wooded acres before you'd closed on the deal.
  Happy April!   chely - Enjoy your husband's RnR!  When does it start?  Good luck on the upcoming move.   Sfcmama - Welcome, some folks here follow DR strictly and some do a modified plan.  Support towards meeting our financial goals is the common theme, though, so welcome!  Yay for your DH getting insurance and being on the same financial page.   Mamatowill - Good luck to your DH in the job search.  How long has he been out of work? Is he receiving...
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