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dr amy weiler (ravenswood)    dr. johansen (swedish covenant)    dr minkus and dr ettner just north of the city    dr elena fitchev (evanson) 
CPMs do practice in Illinois but they are not doing it legally unless there is a Cnm or md present. Per Illinois state law, midwifery is practicing medicine which would therefore require a license. The state refuses to license non-nurse midwives, therefore CPMs are practicing medicine without a license when they work in Illinois.
I second the nest. Also, pulling down the moon.
1. It may reduce your options a little, but it can be done. It's really more a matter of how much floor space you personally require in your bedroom. Most places will accomodate a queen. Take a measuring tape with you when you look at apartments. take the time to really visualize the space.   2. With forced air heat, you will likely have your own meter and pay for it yourself. In a shared apartment with radiator heat, it is likely included or shared equally. Make...
You can try Dr. Daube at Hinsdale Hospital or Dr. Hubka at Swedish hospital. Both will attend vaginal twin births. 
Dr. Elvove, Dr. Minkus, and Dr. Ettner would all be a good fit for you. 
you will not find that kind of square footage in a yard. single family homes are hard to come by if you are renting so whatever yard you have will be shared with a neighbor. and neighborhoods with lots of SFHs with yards are also less accessible to the rest of the city via public transit. (i am thinking the nw side here, but also the far south side, like beverly.)    if less than 6000 square feet is a deal breaker, you simply will not find that here.    rogers...
i also love baker creek! and i love supporting their business. i will say, i don't get the germination rate from them that i would like, but planting a little extra of everything seems to be working. i am looking forward to starting my own seeds this year! 
how exciting!!!    i was just asking the other day if any chestnuts could grow in the midwest, but never did find the answer. now i know!    does anyone know if you can make chestnut butter? 
We have great unschooling support in Chicago and there is a Sudbury school in a nearby suburb. We have a lot of organized activities that families can choose from and a large annual homeschooling/ unschooling conference run by homeschoolers, not corporations/marketers. The laws here are also very liberal when it comes to "regulation." 
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