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thanks guys! :D
anybody got one? it doesn't have to be super-healthy.... just not a cup of sugar and a stick of [fake] butter no milk protein, but everything else is okay.   i'm thinking chocolate, but am open to all flavors! :D
we want 4 or 5, and eb's only the first, so we've hopefully got a ways to go :) i was kinda casually hoping to be pg by now, but conscious of the unlikelihood of it [i still haven't gotten a ppaf]. so we're trying with our fingers crossed i do not plan to continue bfing much past her birthday, so hopefully we can move along with our family this summer :)
well welcome to mdc!  i was terrified too, and frankly still am, but about different things :) but it's amazing and wonderful too.   just keep reading everything you can get your hands on, and thinking about who you and your husband are and want to be, and want your family to be, too. take everything you read or are told with a grain of salt, and follow your momgut [which you have, even now! :D ] on everything.   happy ttc'ing, and hope to talk to you again!
thanks guys! :)
i presoaked some beans overnight, intending to cook them in the morning like usual. but then dh got some crazy violent flu and had a 103 fever and i couldn't get them cooked, so i drained them and fridged em. that's fine, right? for a couple days?
hey! :) i'm new to the 'birth month club', so it won't exactly be an update, more of an intro :D but we're happy to be here now :) eb was born mid-march at 6lb14oz, on her due date via c-section [she was breech].   what's new with eb? well, she's finally got a tooth!  she's 11.5 months, and she just cut her first tooth yesterday! holy cow :) she was pretty miserable for a couple weeks, but seems to be perking up already.   her 1-year appointment isn't for...
oh sorry, i wasn't recommending ferber! jesus, he's awful, no way :) i said 'even ferber's' meaning, just grab any sleep book at the library or something, to take a look at the charts and get an idea of normal ranges. obviously not every kid will fall within the ranges, but his charts are about the same as everybody else's, and it would give the op a place to start with recommended times. that's all :)  
this might get moved to fyt, but there's not a whole lot of action over there so i thought i'd try here first. :)   i'm caving and buying a woven  but i'd like to try a couple out first. is anybody nearby enough that i could just meet you somewhere and hang out and wrap with your stuff? i could do enfield, union, ashford, storrs, maybe manchester, palmer, ware, holland, monson.... you get the idea  and if you've got an ergo, i'd love to give one of those a go...
a couple days ago, i had cramps for 2 or 3 days; then all day and night yesterday i was very emotional. so this morning i texted dh something like, 'i'm still feeling cruddy and pmsy.'   he writes back: 'i'm sorry baby, and hopefully you get your ppaf.'  dh is down with the lingo! :D
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