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One last try.... anyone? Anyone? Bueller?
  I never heard anyone say specifically other than the great reputation of the Fiber Craft Studio and the fact that they're a working studio doing research etc. Although it's located on the Threefold campus where Sunbridge Institute is located, it's its own entity dedicated to fiber craft.
Hi there. We're visiting Orlando and possible towards Tampa next month. I'm wondering if anyone can suggest places to visit from the list below. It would be awesome to have some recommendations based on people's experiences. Thanks in advance!! yarn/sewing shops craft stores (not big chains like Michaels or AC Moore) comic book stores pop culture collectibles/nerdy places/sci-fi & fantasy stores natural toy stores or Waldorf education related...
Becky, I'm so happy this vision of your has to come to fruition! I would recommend everyone that can be involved get involved!!   Best wishes for this and all of your wonderful work, Wendy
Quote:   This sounds like the Triangle area of NC to me. We've recently moved within Durham County to be closer to the Waldorf school, but we're right at the Chapel Hill border now. I love this area! We would have rather actually been in Chapel Hill, but housing goes up in price quite a bit as soon as you're over the border.   Another good thing about this area of NC is that you're in between the mountains and the beaches.  
I just wanted to post an update for those of you who were interested in this thread.   I'm currently at handwork training at Threefold, and I must say it was very much worth to get here (financially, travel, etc). There are 18 of us in the 8th Cycle and the instructors are quite amazing at times. It's fun but a lot of work... especially for me as a crocheter who's a slow knitter. Anyway, I never did meet anyone who had been in the handwork training at Rudolf Steiner...
There is also this site, but I'm not sure how much of it is available any more. I think at one point the links weren't all working or something. I haven't dug into it in ages.   http://www.waldorfcurriculum.com/
We're having some changes as well, including moving (only 9 miles), but I think getting done with several changes at once is somehow better than having changes stringing along over time. That would make me feel more out of sorts.   Camp is an awesome way to get them more comfortable with the school. The summer before my daughter started at our Waldorf school in 1st grade, she spent almost a full 6 weeks of camp there. The then camp director/now rising 2nd grade...
I've never heard of baking them, but I guess that makes sense. Do you use Pinterest? If you type in "make tree blocks" on there you will find several ideas. Here's one of them: http://www.stirthewonder.com/nature-blocks/
Hi there. Does anyone have any suggestions for simple woodworking for Waldorf homeschoolers? Something that doesn't involve a ton of money spent on tools? A friend of ours is leaving our Waldorf school and that's an area of weakness in finding info. Thanks!
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