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Quote: Originally Posted by beanma Well, it's a homeschooling group. Is that what you're looking for? Yes, that's the one! Quote: Originally Posted by beanma If that's something you're interested in I can find some contact info for you. I would appreciate that! I thought I had seen THEA mentioned on here somewhere, but now I can't find it. The search function doesn't always work right for me though. THANKS!
Quote: Originally Posted by AAK I looked at PP and it is the devotion of the blending two sounds that drove me nuts (and was why I didn't use it). It made no sense to me to teach a child that. Amy, what did you use instead? Thanks everyone!
Who can tell me basic info about THEA? I can't find anything online!! What is the purpose, mission, etc and how do I learn more?? THANKS!
Quote: Originally Posted by Carhootel I am a CFS alum and know the school very well. I know a lot of kids who went to EWS also and I think highly of both schools. I would highly recommend a visit to CFS, it's bigger and more established than EWS but it's still small compared to public schools. If you have any specific questions feel free to PM me Just PMed you!
Does anyone have personal experience with Emerson Waldorf School or Carolina Friends School? I have been to EWS several times but have not been able to visit CFS yet, so I'm curious. Any info would be greatly appreciated!
I know this is an older thread, but I wanted to say that we've been going to Triangle Family Dentistry right across Davis Drive from the Diapering Doula and they are super nice and very knowledgeable. Both dentists are great with our 5.5 year old too, and Sumitha Ahmed is the best hygienist I've ever had!
Like I had mentioned, I've been in the early childhood field for over 10 years so the foundation is not a concern. It's the moving forward part I'm unsure of. Reading a lot is not a problem. We own tons of books in a large variety and read several every day. We're also library addicts. Anyway, thanks for all of these suggestions/ideas! I have heard of several of them, but will look into the others. Oh... does anyone have specific experience with Phonics Pathways...
Quote: Originally Posted by Curlyfry7 Imagination Station-the tech went when she was in daycare (she's currently 18) and still remembers-she said you could run on this thing and they would tell you if you were as fast as a cheetah or slow as a turtle, LOL) http://new.imaginescience.org/ This may be a bit above their complete understanding level, but it sounds like there is lots of cool stuff to do, and we could return when they are older. Plus I think...
I have met several families who have moved to this area from NC, and they all seem to love it. I can imagine the humidity is a big change though. I have a terrible time with mosquitoes some years, but there was ways to help lessen the problem!
I am an early childhood professional and have plenty of knowledge about pre-reading literacy skills, but now that my daughter is 5.5 and showing interest in reading, I feel like I don't know where to start! I'm doubting my abilities! Does anyone have any idea for resources that do not push a child into reading too quickly? I am NOT interested in things like "Teach Your Child to Read in 100 Easy Lessons". I would like a more active approach relevant to her everyday...
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