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First of all, before I forget, I noticed at Harris Teeter that their plastic produce bags now say they are 100% degradable. I think they mention sticking them in your compost, which makes sense if they degrade! (If you have HT in your area, you can read about their eco-efforts here.)   Quote:   -- Yes, I store them in the drawer after washing them, but sometimes I lay them on a towel like this. It cuts down on sweating you sometimes get in plastic bags, and it keeps the...
I finally decided to check out the TerraCycle website, but I must admit I don't quite get how it works. Can anyone help explain it to my feeble mind??   Do you just sign up and create a local group for collecting items to send directly to TerraCycle yourself, or do you join other "brigades" as they call them and send stuff to the brigade? I'm confused!!   Are there other recycling programs similar to TerraCycle that might be easier to...
tinuviel_k, thanks so much!! That's helpful.   I have used the regular whole wheat flour for cookie recipes that didn't specify "pastry", but other than breads etc I hadn't used it yet.
Recently, I've been seeing recipes that call for "whole wheat pastry flour". I already have whole wheat flour, but it wasn't labeled "pastry". Is there a difference??? Will one substitute for the other?   Thanks!
IMHO, early childhood is definitely better in the home, but it might be different for different people. The Waldorf early childhood programs are trying to mimic a home-like environment, so if you can keep your young ones really at home and that works for your child(ren) and family, why wouldn't you? It doesn't mean they can't be social creatures from time to time. Parents are a child's first teachers, you know! Some socialization can come from attending Waldorf events...
There are a lot of us in the area! Hope things work out for you. It can be hard meeting people sometimes, that's for sure! Good luck! 
Thanks, Jeremy! I appreciate that. I hadn't found that site yet. Any information is helpful.
Hi there. I don't know of many unless possibly the Waldorf home nurseries are okay with it. Here's a list I found online, but I can tell you that RTI-PCCO has closed after many, many years of being awesome. Good luck with your search!
Hi there. We're curious about log homes, and I was wondering if anyone knew of good log home builders in NC. We're located in the Triangle area, but any information would be greatly appreciated.... and of course, the greener the better! THANKS!
I don't have any personal experience with Christopherus, but I am under the impression it is more true to Waldorf... if that's a concern for you. I have the Oak Meadow Kindergarten curriculum, and it has elements of Waldorf 1st grade, such as introducing letters through story etc. It's more like a loose Waldorf 1st grade, because Kindergarten in an actual Waldorf school wouldn't have any academic work.   We're now at a Waldorf school and loving it, but sometimes I...
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