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Quote:   I mostly shop at HT in Morrisville, but I also go to Chapel Hill North, and I've never seen a NC foods section! I need to pay better attention!   Thanks for the ideas everyone. There are so so so many BBQ sauces out there from NC!
Does anyone have any favorite NC food products? I'm thinking of making a gift basket for someone who's new to the state.   Here are examples of items that I might include. Schumann's  (Wake Forest) Big Spoon Roasters  (Durham)
Quote:   It's available on Amazon and as listed on the flyer from Michaelmas Press.  
I saw a flyer at our Waldorf school today for Make Way for Reading and just wanted to share! I've been hoping someone would come out with a newer Waldorf Student Reading List book! I can't wait to check it out!   Also, here's the flyer. Sorry it's sideways... It's from my iPhone and I can't get it to turn!!  
Does anyone know anything about any of the nanny agencies in the Triangle area?   I'm curious from a nanny standpoint, but info from parents who have used nannies from local agencies would be good too. THANKS!!!
I'm by no means an expert, and this might not be helpful to you at all, especially depending on the school itself.  Every child is very different and Waldorf isn't right for everyone. ...BUT from what I've learned as a Waldorf parent, it seems like times are changing.   Many Waldorf professionals are taking modern issues and the needs of children in current society into consideration and not necessarily sticking to dogma of the old days. There are also Educational...
Quote:   I was terrified through the entire application process at this time last year. Emerson Waldorf has been my dream school since DD was a toddler before we ever moved back to NC. Last year, I had visited one other private school nearby, which I liked, but it just wasn't a good fit for DD. After I realized how easy-going the admissions stuff was, I felt a lot better. The financial aid application is quite a process, but it's well worth it. They gave us an AWESOME...
I started this thread over a year ago, and I was hoping some newbies might have something to add?? I've recently resigned from teaching preschool (perhaps only briefly), and I'm yearning for a change.   Rudolf Steiner College starts a new handwork training cycle this year, but Threefold's isn't until next year. So, I'm researching!!
Quote: I know it feels great to have a decision made. It will really depend on the particular school and teachers whether or not the "negative" things hit home. So far, we're loving our Waldorf school, and I hope it works out for you too!
We're hoping to move into that direction in about a year....
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