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Quote:   In casual passing, I used DD's adjusted age until almost 2 years old, mostly because of developmental consistency. In the beginning though, she was on oxygen and people in the grocery store or out for appointments would ask more questions when they saw the cannula etc.    
Quote:   Do you know for a fact she'd move back a grade at the Waldorf school? If so, can you share the reason(s)? That hasn't been what I've seen at our Waldorf school, so I'm just curious...    
Quote: Thanks for reminding me of Lakewood. I had forgotten they were Reggio-inspired.    
Quote: Thanks for reminding me of that, beanma, but after checking that list I see it's places I already know about.   I've been told there are a few small home-based programs, but I can't find them! I was hoping there was some kind of Reggio listing/group for the Triangle area like Triangle Home Nursery Association is for Waldorf. Anyone? Anyone?
Can anyone tell me if there are any Reggio programs (centers, preschools, or homes) in the Triangle area other than Our PlayHouse Preschool & Kindergarten, Estes Children's Cottage, The Little School, and Children First? I'm hoping to visit some programs over the next few months. THANKS!
Quote:   That's why I decided against Montessori for DD right away. Not only did most Montessori schools not offer dramatic play et cetera, but one even explained that they believed children need to be pulled out of their imagination. That didn't sit well with me after all my professional experience and education in early childhood. BUT of course Montessori is okay for some people.     Quote:   This isn't the case at every Waldorf school. Our school actually has an entire...
I don't know much about schools down towards Cary. I do know that there is Sterling Montessori in Morrisville, which a (free) public charter school. It's been formally recognized as a "North Carolina Public School of Excellence". GOOD LUCK!
My first thought was posting in places like Earth Fare, Whole Foods, Weaver Street... Emerson Waldorf School also has bulletin boards for flyers around campus. Good luck!
I know this is an old thread, but I wanted to see if anyone has any input?? I am finally getting to the place where I can attend a Waldorf-related training beyond my current education and would like more testimonials about Sophia's Hearth and Lifeways. THANKS!!
You know, I had tons of questions at first and it took me several years and visits to the school before I knew it would be a good fit for DD. Of course I don't completely agree with every aspect of Anthroposophy 100%, but I look at it like this.... Every school (unless strictly based on a religion such as a Catholic school etc) has teachers from a variety of backgrounds and diverse beliefs and cultures. I'm not going to always know what those are, but some of those...
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