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You have plenty of time for that to clear your system.  I recommend finding someone (naturopath perhaps) to open up to about your fear, lack of sleep, and low caloric intake.  Those sound to me like bigger problems than the pot.
Thanks for trying.  I'll be seeing a perinatologist in a couple of weeks who can hopefully give me a better idea of the risks.  If anyone asks, I'd be willing to share what I learn.
I'm prego with #3, and I have a history of SVT.  I've had two previous homebirths, with no complications (boys are now 5 and 7), and will be having the third in the same home.  With the first two, I had mentioned to my midwife that there have been times when my heart beats really fast.  She wasn't concerned.   I had an episode of SVT 1.5 years ago that required a trip to the ER, and that's when I got diagnosed.  I realized that this has happened in life a handful of...
I don't know the specific answer to your question, but I have a friend who had a traumatic birth experience, and the hospital tested her as part of an emergency c-section.  She came up positive for pot, then CPS came in and it was hell on earth for her.  Just something to think about.
I did a similar trip up to MN and back to AZ and it made the most sense to me to look around online and buy a vehicle while I was up there, drive back and with all my stuff and sell it.  I spent $1200 on a Bronco and sold it for the same.  It did take some time to sell it, and I was lucky to be in a position to float that money for a while.  I also rented a U-haul trailer which was considerably cheeper than renting something that drives.  It was nice to just finally bite...
For me, the problem was solved when I started taking calcium at night and supplementing additional magnesium.  Get an excellent quality supplement.  For the magnesium, I would recommend using either Calm (it's a lemonade flavor drink mix) or the dermal spray.  The spray is the best.  You can get either one at swanson vitamins on line or any good health food store.  Good luck!  
I just want to state a personal wish.  If someone goes on a forum looking for help and support, let's assume that we're hearing all the bad stuff and not a life story including all the good and mundane stuff.   And then:  Let's only reply if you have help and/or support to offer.   Satori- why did your mind make up the asinine story that she's using pot to relax?  Why are people going on this forum not to help, but to tell a mama to give her baby away?   I...
Sending love!  I used to feel like I didn't "know" what others know about being with children; how to be on the floor playing with them without thinking about something else, and talking in a little sweet voice.  I think that two things have helped:  #1 that if speaking in a "talking to little kids voice" doesn't come naturally to you, that means it's just not part of you and let it go because to try is fake.  #2 Learning to find my own joy that doesn't depend on...
My son has been home with me his whole life, and he starts kindergarten on Tuesday (!)  I want to do some special things for him to honor this transition, and I'd love to hear some ideas.  He's really excited so there aren't any anxiety issues or anything, I just always feel that we don't have enough um... ceremony? not sure of the word even... in our culture.  I'm excited to hear some creative ideas.
Magnesium!  When I use transdermal magnesium, I don't crave chocolate.  I still love it, but I don't "need" it.
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