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So sorry for your pain.. it is very hard some days just to be the parent of an adult child and watch them struggle, but this..  this is a whole other level.  My heart goes out to you, mother to mother..  you must care for yourself and your home and other family members as well as loving your troubled child.  Sometimes that means creating difficult, yet necessary boundaries. Prayers and love to you, mama.  I don't have a bipolar child, but I was raised by an addict,...
TODAY I turn 43, and have had the early symptoms.. This is fine with me, certainly done bearing babies..    I get a period regularly, but then sometimes another one 3 weeks later that is very spotty.  My period is also becoming shorter in general, 3-4 days tops and that's that.     Kind of nice really!  But would love to hear of early peri symptoms from others.. ?
Oh yes indeed..  and heehee, he had had a shower soon beforehand, so...  I kind of put that together and did bring it up.  That was my first guess, but he was embarrassed and said no, no...    Last evening, he said his pee looked "normal" and seemed reassured, so, yeah.  I am going to keep an eye on it and talk to him about it for the next few days. thank you!
Yes, I agree a culture would at least be smart.  He has a doc appt this week on Friday anyway, for a recheck for some asthma he dealt with a couple of weeks ago, so...  we will get it all looked at.  Thanks to your nana!
Hello there,   I was a doula, childbirth educator, and midwifery assistant for 3 years.  I am also a mother of 3 and have been an herbalist for almost 20 years, since I first got pregnant with my oldest child...   Red raspberry is known to be a uterine tonic..  We often recommend it during pregnancy to strengthen and tone the uterus.  I have never heard of it causing any sort of cramp/contraction, but it can make your uterus more efficient when...
Hello mamas {and papas}   My boy is just about 12 and came to me today, distressed, to tell me that he had peed and it was "white and stringy"..  No pain, no burning, just some thick bits.    I have heard of this, but my 2 older kids are daughters, so have not experienced this precisely.  Guessing it is benign due to lack of all other symptoms, but..  help?  He IS prone to anxiety, so looking to reassure him more than anything. thanks~
Here are my best remedies:   Stay dry, clean, and use only cotton or nothing on your skin..  Change undies often if you are having lots of discharge...     Apple cider vinegar: put 1/4 c in a clean glass, add about 1/8 cup warm water and then use to rinse the vulva 2-3 times per day. Also, and I know it sounds strange, take a small size tampon and dip the tip in the mixture, insert and leave for 1-2 hours.  Repeat 2-3 times/day.  It burns at first, but then,...
As a lifelong person with allergies, from a family that has several, I can tell you that allergies are not "set".. they change as you grow.  Some get better, the "grew out of it" allergy; some get worse.  Mine have definitely waxed and waned.     Point being, any allergic reaction is the body saying "no".  If you push it because the initial reaction is mild, you are risking a more severe one.  I have done this, foolishly a few times, with painful and scary results....
It could also be flu.  We have seen lots of it in my area, and all say the COUGH lasts forever and can be nasty.  If it is a virus, it of course won't respond to antibiotics.   Some kids have sensitive gag too when it comes to a bad cough.  They throw up from it.  So sorry to hear how sick he has been, I hope it calms down soon.
  Do you not have access to ANY washing machine?  Before I owned one I took 'em to the laundromat.  Good God I can't imagine washing them by hand, but if I had to, I'd use castille soap and rinse really, really well, dry them always in the good sun {this I did often, clothesline of sunshine}.
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