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see i do sooo much better when i weight myself once a day. i do limit it to once in the morning, but i do terrible if i weigh in once a week. 
My two big ones were JTT and Devon Sawa. Mmm I remember daydreaming over them. So silly. lol
i'm in!
  Aww thanks! I'd really like to do the next challenge, but also talk more! I've been lifting weights for the past 3 months, and I really love doing it. I'm definitely in a routine now, which I need to keep motivated and see results. I do weightlifting 3x a week, and I've recently added in hill sprints on 1 or 2 of my off days. 
My weight was 152 yesterday
I don't think you're crazy. I say call the homebirth practice and talk to them first. You really can't make a decision until you do that. There's no harm in calling. :)
Well I guess I don't believe there are child molesters waiting around every corner in gym locker rooms, just waiting for a child changing in order to hurt them. At the gym we went to when my oldest was 5, they had a rule where 5 and over had to use the same sex locker rooms. I'm not sure if it was actually enforced, but my son had no problem going in the locker room, changing, and coming out. All the boys did this and I can't remember any of them having a problem. There...
no change for me this week
155...I'm excited to break into the 140s not too far away!!
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