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I'm not sure what would happen to your supply, but would it be cheaper to buy the correct adapter then to possibly replace your pump? Can you use a manual pump for the month? 
I think this is very unfair to your son. 12 yo boys are a lot different usually then 7 yo girls. It's totally reasonable for him to want space. I assume that when she has friends over, your son leaves them alone? I think you need to make very clear expectations for your daughter. Maybe you can have a fun activity set up for her when he has a friend over, but regardless, she needs to know it's ok if your son doesn't play with her while he has a friend over. I would have...
He might nap differently for you. I watched a baby for a few months when my oldest was a toddler. Somehow, someway, I got them both to nap lol. I forget exactly how, 7 years later, but some combination of nursing for my son, and either before or after rocking, holding, patting the back of the baby worked. I think it'll be possible to get them both to nap, it just might take time to figure out the best way. 
What did you think it would be like when you had a baby? I mean that seriously, not in a snarky way. The baby/toddler stage doesn't last forever, and you will be able to do those things again. I think you can still do them now, even if you have to modify your expectations. You can hike with the baby in a carrier for example. I would look into finding a regular babysitter that you trust. You can build up to leaving your dd with the babysitter for longer amounts of time so...
I agree. It's only 1.5 days a week for a month..that's not very much. I think it's more important for her to spend that time with her cousins. I'm sure she'll have a blast. :)
Congrats on the baby. I had two homebirths myself, but your decision to UC doesn't sound like a well thought out or planned one. Honestly the tone of your whole post disturbs me a little. Usually people who plan homebirths or UCs do so more thoughtfully  and by educating themselves, not out of anger. 
If they are THAT tired at 1:30, I say they need a nap. Most kids that young do. Two of mine ended naps early, however my 4 yo is just cutting out his naps now. Are you really sure they don't need a nap, even some of the time?
I can see both sides of the issue. I always protected my children's naptimes and bedtimes fiercely, but I can't imagine never doing anything later then 1! That's very limited. It sounds like if they are so likely to fall asleep in the car after 1, then maybe they do need a nap! I can see why your sister is frustrated, 3pm is not that late. Won't you be gone 'til close to their bedtime anyway? If my youngest (4) ends up falling in the car in the late afternoon, I just...
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