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162.2 this week! Can't wait to break below 160. 
I don't see what the big deal would be to have your son wear some underwear if it's making your dad that uncomfortable. People have different comfort levels, and you are living all together and all need to compromise. Maybe underwear instead of fully clothed could be the compromise. 
I completely sympathize with your wanting to make this intentional community work out. However, if your daughter is getting bitten this often, her needs need to be considered more. She got bit hard enough to break skin and leave a bruise for a week..on her face! That must have been so painful for her. :( Your daughter has no choice in whether she is with this child or not, even if she feels completely unsafe with her. I would say you either need someone to be shadowing...
no it's not.
Yes, of course I would explain to your boys that he has autism. I don't really get your reasoning for not telling them. Hopefully your boys can learn some compassion. My son had a boy with autism in his class in first grade and second grade (different kids, different school districts) and I explained to my son about the boys, and even though maybe these kids had social issues, my son was always kind to them. I do believe he was more tolerant of any social awkwardness on...
Ok..I'm feeling kind of bad after my post, and your reply that it is just a few families. It did seem like you meant it was ALL the families you interacted with, at homeschool and at soccer.. but if it is just a few families, then I would say to stop hanging around them so much. Can you just invite a kid or two from these families over at a time, instead of the WHOLE family coming over? 
Wow, I read through your post and I'm not entirely sure how to respond. First of all, is this one or two families you're having problems with...or everyone you meet? It seems like you are having problem with most families/kids you interact with..and if that's true..i'm going to say that maybe it's your outlook that may be the problem I have a 9, 6, and 4 year old. The oldest has been in sports for years now, and I've always taken my younger kids to the games and...
my kids have always eaten bread dough! i see no problem with it at all. i've never thought twice about it. 
I'm more uncomfortable when people ask for "no gifts" actually. Do they really mean it? Are other people going to bring gifts anyway? I don't know. I always bring a gift. I like getting a child a gift. My kids enjoy picking out a present for their friend. I think it's good for kids to have practice doing that too. At no gift parties I feel like about half the people bring gifts, and I think this makes everyone uncomfortable. It makes the people who didn't bring gifts...
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