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Wow. I've never really had a child not listen to me like that. I really don't know what to tell you. I would be direct with the mom and the son as many times as you need to. The mom will end up really disliking you most likely, but oh well. I know how hard it is to have a toddler and older ones too, but maybe your older children can come and get you every time the boy starts bothering them? Just keep repeating it for a few days where every time he starts misbehaving you...
I don't see you mention speaking to the boy directly. I've rarely had a child not listen to me when I told them to stop. If he kept bugging my kids at the pool I would look and speak to him sternly, but not meanly, and tell him that he needed to leave them alone and maybe they could play later together. I mean..what I would say would depend on the exact situation, but I would be blunt and tell the kid directly to knock it off or whatever. I think it's totally ok to do...
166.2 :)   I've been going to the gym and weightlifting for the past month or so. I really enjoy it and it's become part of my routine. I'm even going this morning on memorial day..a holiday..woo! :D
I can totally see how it would be annoying, however, at least your house is the hang out spot. I'd much rather have the kids all hanging out in my yard then somewhere else. I think it'd been nice if that continues to when they are teens. You know where they are and that your house is safe. I'd work hard to set some limits though if it is bothering you. Are the kids all taking turns to use the equipment? If they seem to be taking turns and figuring out how to share on...
honestly it doesn't effect what/how i feed my kids nuts at all unless there's a child with nut allergies in class and i'm bringing in something for the whole class. then of course i'm super careful. 
:( I'm not sure. I tried googling and I saw something about a broken blood vessel from vigorous pumping? lol   I would call your care provider. I would be completely freaked out too. *hugs*
i'd like to join :)
Can you open enroll your daughter in the other public school that you prefer?
I feel like you're just finding a way to rationalize sending your daughter to the private school. However, I don't think it is a very rational decision. Do you plan to send your son there also? Financially it doesn't seem to make any sense. 
I think there are other activities or sports that would provide these same things without the same expense. 
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